How to Thread a Handheld Sewing Machine Secrets Revealed

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An Easy Steps: How to Thread a Handheld Sewing Machine

If you own or are considering purchasing a portable sewing machine, you should be aware of the proper threading procedure before you begin stitching. A portable sewing machine is the ideal answer for folks who are always on the go yet still need fabric repair.

If you often travel for business or pleasure, you may find yourself needing to repair your apparel. You don’t want to go up to a business meeting, a family reunion, or a vacation destination with a missing button or a hole in your shirt; you want to seem professional.

It’s in these situations that the portable sewing machine comes into action. As a sewing machine that fits in your palm and takes up very little space, it’s a great travel companion.

What is a Handheld Sewing Machine and how does it work?

Handheld sewing machines are convenient, versatile, and a good last-minute solution for a variety of sewing situations. Any handheld sewing machine you choose will provide an easy-to-use alternative to using a traditional device that is both portable and powerful enough to do specific repairs on a variety of different types of fabrics.

Instructions on how to properly thread a hand-held sewing machine

how to thread a hand held sewing machine

When you first start using your portable sewing machines, you’ll want to get familiar with how to use them. Threading is a simple process that you will be able to do after reading this comprehensive instruction.

Connect the spring, spindle, and bobbin to the bobbin. The bobbin is threaded onto the spindle, and then the spring at the end of the spindle is secured in place. Some portable sewing machines do not have a spring, which is a disadvantage.

The bobbin, spindle, and spring should all be inserted into the spindle hole of your portable sewing machine. It should snap or lock into place to keep it in place.

Insert the end of the bobbin thread into the hole above the spindle to complete the bobbin threading.

The thread should then be threaded through the tension control knob and into the machine.

After that, the thread should be threaded through the hole beneath the tension control knob to complete the process.

Then, using the needle threader (which is usually included), thread the thread through the needle.

To sew, pull the additional thread through the needle and through the fabric.

The following are some helpful notes

Before you start sewing with a portable machine, learn a few basic things about them.

The side-view wheel is the revolving wheel. This gives you manual control over the needle’s movement. They may be used in either direction as well.

For sewing, a fastening plate holds the cloth in place. This may be lifted so that the material can be put beneath it.

Beware!! Inadvertent sewing might occur when you don’t have the lock in place on the machine. Personal experience has shaped my views. Stitching your finger isn’t a good idea.

Benefits of Using Handheld Sewing Machine

Inquiring minds want to know how a portable sewing machine may improve your life. The following are some of the advantages of utilizing a hand-held sewing machine:

Convenience and portability

Whether it’s a tear in your garment or a missing button, you’ll need to mend it at some point. When you have a portable sewing machine, you don’t have to worry about losing it since you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Because the gadgets are so little, they are quite convenient to carry anywhere. As a consequence, they’re very useful since they’re constantly available. Due to the fact that unanticipated issues need quick stitching, the sewing machine helps keep you organized at all times.


Saving money is always welcome, isn’t it? If that’s the case, your best bet is a small, portable sewing machine. Buying a thing isn’t going to set you back a lot since they’re all competitively priced. Portable gadgets, unlike massive equipment that cost a lot of money, are quite affordable. Because the device can handle most of your small repairs, you will also save money.

Having your clothing fixed at home saves you from having to take the time and effort of bringing them to the dry cleaners. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about dealing with tailors, such as finding that your clothes weren’t repaired or negotiating with tailors over the price of the service.


The usage of a portable sewing machine is no longer associated with an increase in your energy bills. Because they are battery-operated, these devices do not need access to a power source. Unlike sewing machines, which need the use of both hands and feet, these devices do not exhaust you. Battery power means they may be utilized wherever there is a lack of electrical power. Additionally, they may be used by those who are unable to use their feet to operate a machine.

Low Noise

There is no risk of noise pollution from this machine’s minimal noise output, which makes it ideal for use in quiet environments. A major benefit of the instrument is that no one will know you’re stitching.

In comparison to stitching by machine, this method is more time consuming. As a consequence, you’ll need to spend money on the tool and thread it when you need it.


They’re cordless and run on four AA batteries each. Therefore, there is no chance of electricity being wasted. You may easily change the battery if it is no longer working properly.

Handheld Sewing Machines: What to Look for

Stitching machines now come in a wide range of price points and capabilities to suit a wide range of sewing needs. Choosing the right sewing machine for your needs can make your job much easier.

Consider the following aspects while looking for a portable sewing machine:

Make a list of your current skills and whether or not you want to enhance them. There is little question that experts will be dissatisfied with these gadgets.

Determine what sort of sewing project you’d want to do. Certain lightweight materials can be sewn using handheld sewing machines, but heavier textiles can’t.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Do portable sewing machines work well?

They are also helpful if you need a straightforward device to mend garments but don’t have room for a full-sized sewing machine. You can easily do repairs with one of them. Handheld sewing machines are able to access areas that a traditional sewing machine may have difficulty reaching, and they make tasks like making rapid hem repairs much simpler by eliminating the need for the time-consuming process of threading the needle.

What is the most secure stitch that can be done by hand?

One of the most secure hand-sewing techniques is called a backstitch. Because the needle enters the cloth behind the most recent stitch, the backstitch is often referred to as a “back stitch.” In contrast, while doing a running stitch, the needle simply travels through the cloth at an equal distance in front of the stitch that was just completed.

What kind of thread works best for hand stitching projects?

This polyester thread, which comes in a weight of 50, is ideal for a wide variety of applications due to its high quality and adaptability. It comes on a giant spool that is 1,094 yards long and can be used for hand stitching or sewing on a machine. It is also very effective for all types of fabrics and seams.


A portable sewing machine is, without a question, a useful piece of equipment. To thread your handy sewing machine, just refer to our step-by-step tutorial.

In addition, they are a great way to make crafts without having to spend a lot of money on more expensive equipment. Simple straight stitches are available on even the most expensive hand-held sewing machines, making them an excellent entry point for sewing beginners.

How to Thread a Handheld Sewing Machine Secrets Revealed


How to thread a handheld sewing machine

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