how to make a felt toy

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Key Tactics: How to Make a Felt Toy

The easiest way to get started crafting a felt toy is to know what felt is. It is a synthetic substance that is formed by compressing and mattifying fibers. Massive pressure is used to permanently intertwine the fibers and create the felt. Wool or acrylic or rayon may be used to make felt, and both are natural fibers. Also, it might be a combination of multiple other kinds.

To what kind of felt should I stick?

There are a wide variety of felts, each with a varied level of quality. The sort of felt you choose depends depend on what you want to accomplish with your soft toy.

how to make felted wool toys

Quality vs. Price. The Less Expensive Option

The amount of money you have to work with will be a consideration as well. For the most part, 100 percent acrylic felt is the cheapest and most widely available felt. It is available in a variety of colors and may be decorated with a variety of designs. One caveat, however: this felt is not the softest and will pill (bobble) more quickly. It will also not last as long as other types of felt. Acrylic felt, on the other hand, may come as a disappointment if you are constructing anything that will take a significant amount of your time and effort. This felt, on the other hand, is a good choice if you’re looking for something simple and inexpensive.

Budget vs. Quality:  An Alternative of Higher Quality level

I suggest using a wool mix felt if you are looking for a higher quality felt with a softer handle that doesn’t pill. Choosing the right felt for your sewing projects might be complicated, so we’ve put up this guide to help you out.

Which toy should I create?

Before deciding on a toy, you have to select a number of wonderful choices. This is a fun aspect of the process of picking out fabric, color, style, and other details. Make these judgments with your emotions, not your brain. Choosing a toy that you find yourself enamored with will make sewing it much more enjoyable. We’ve got a bunch of felt toy designs if you’d want to have a look.

Machine or hand sewing?

Make a decision on your style. There is a distinct difference between hand-sewn and machine-sewn toys when it comes to their appearance. Faster, but it takes some familiarity with how to use a sewing machine. Hand stitching needs less previous knowledge, and all that is required to get started is mastery of the whip stitch.

Sewing by hand

The project will take longer to stitch by hand, but that adds to the fun. It’s almost meditative in nature, which is why it’s so soothing. Whether you’re just learning how to sew, it’s best to start with a hand sewing project to see if you enjoy it before moving on to a machine-sewn one after you’ve invested in one.

The Ideal Felt Toy for Young Children

For those who are just starting off, we have the ideal felt toy pattern: a little bear. You can get started right away with this easy felt toy sewing project by subscribing here and receiving the free pattern right away.

What kind of pattern do you prefer?

Soft toy designs are now available in digital download form. This implies that you will get an email with a link to a file that you can download and print. As long as you don’t go over your print limit, you may use the same design again and over again.

Digital Patterns are often used by small businesses

Buying digital patterns from tiny independent enterprises is a good way to support small businesses and help the economy. Larger firms, like Simplicity, provide paper patterns, which are designs you cut out of tissue paper rather than printing yourself. Click here if you’d like to learn more about the differences between printed and digital patterning.

What kind of stuffing?

Toy stuffing, polyester stuffing, and hollow fiber stuffing all refer to the same thing: polyester. All of them can be used to fill toys since they are all fairly similar. It’s okay to use little fabric or felt pieces to stuff big toys, but it’s best to place them in the centre and fill in around them with toy filling, rather of leaving a lumpy appearance.

Enhance your Toy’s Weight

If you’d want to give your toy a little more heft, try stuffing it with some dry rice (not cooked rice). In order to keep the rice from spilling out, you may wrap it up in something like a scrap of cloth or a piece of an old pair of stockings.

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