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When it’s chilly outside, nothing beats curling up with a nice comforter and battling the chill. However, if the weather isn’t very chilly, what do you do with your meticulously constructed quilts? You could, of course, put them on show. You can’t go wrong with their vibrant hues.


Your Quilts: How to Display Quilts

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There are many ways to creatively display your quilts. You may use it as a canopy over your bed or drape it over a stairwell. Use it to keep your quilts fresh in the bathroom by using it as a quilt stand. Additionally, here are a few more creative methods for showcasing your quilts:

The Wall

For a quilt to be displayed on a wall, you may go with any size. Using a hanging sleeve is the best way to display it on the wall. As soon as you’ve completed the sleeve on the back of your quilt, insert a piece of wood and place it on the wall. Your quilt is now ready to be displayed on a wall of your choose.


By hanging your quilts on hooks, you can show off their intricate designs. You may hang your quilts on coat racks, hooks on the wall, or shelves with pegs for a charming display.


If you have a lot of bookshelves throughout your house, why not decorate them with some fabric? You may brighten up your room by rolling up your quilts that have been stored on a shelf.

Quilt Rack

Quilting racks are a classic method of displaying your work. You may hang your quilts on a frame that has one or more rods. Blanket stands, for example, are designed to stand alone on the floor rather than be wall-mounted. Both versions are easy to use and can keep several quilts in a small area.


Lean a vintage ladder against a wall in your house that you purchased from an antique store nearby. The ideal way to show your quilts is to hang them from the rungs of the ladder.

Decor for the Mantelpiece

A wall quilt may be used to frame your mantel. Your quilt’s subject should guide your choice of mantel décor. When it comes to seasonal trends, this is a great way to draw attention to a certain design.


In the dead of winter, your quilts can keep you toasty. You should place them on your bed to best show off their beauty and elegance. During this time of year, they work well as bed coverings or as a decorative accent on your table. Stretch them out at the bottom of the bed like runners.


Display your quilts on the back of your rocking chair or patio furniture. On those chilly nights when you’re out and about, this will come in handy.

Consider using less sentimental quilts, such as those that may get a little soiled, in enclosed rooms.


You may stack your quilts on a chair that has been put against a wall or into a corner. Using quilts to decorate a vintage-style chair is a great idea.

Headboards Designed to Your Specification

Add curtain rod brackets and a curtain rod to your headboard’s height, and you’re ready to go. After that, you may let the quilt roll over the rod to make a unique headboard by adjusting the fit.

It will not only brighten up your room, but it will also serve as an interesting headboard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


What is the most efficient way of displaying quilts?

Quilts may be stored on the drying rack, which is resting against the wall. A towel rack affixed to the wall is an intriguing idea for displaying a quilt. Aside from that, hanging the quilts on the wall is my preferred method. I hang my quilts with quilt hooks made specifically for hanging on walls.

What is the best way to hang a quilt on a wall?

Sewing corner pockets onto the backside of lap quilts, doll quilts, and smaller wall hangings makes it simple to display them at the top of the quilt. Add these little, triangular pieces on top of the backing and under the binding of your project to give it a polished, professional appearance.

What is the best way to utilize a quilt rack?

In spare rooms or guest rooms, floor quilt racks should be installed, and they should be supplied with extra blankets and quilts. Make sure that the quilt rack is close to the bed so that guests can easily get the extra warm bedding when they want to burrow up under the covers in their bed during the cooler months. Rustic-style quilt racks on the floor provide a rustic touch to any bedroom design.


Your quilt or blanket may add a dash of color to your decor with these beautiful pieces of furniture. Display stands, wooden blanket racks, comforter racks—call them what you will—but if you’re into crafting, one of these items should be in your living room or bedroom.

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