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It’s no secret that the best Cuckoo rice cookers, like the Cuckoo CRP P1009SB, have cutting-edge innovations and technology. The cuckoo’s amazing design, together with its cutting-edge features and technology, has absolutely knocked it out of the park. The Cuckoo is unlike other rice cookers since it use pressure cooking. Brown rice can be cooked in half the time of conventional rice cookers because to the locking lid’s ability to retain steam and raise the boiling point of the water. The Cuckoo makes beautiful brown rice every time.

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  • Brand Name: Cuckoo
  • Origin: Korea
  • Cuckoo Model : CRP P1009SB
  • Dimensions: 5x12x11 Inches
  • Weight: 15 Pounds
  • Color: Black and White
  • Cooking capacity: 10 Cups (Uncooked)
  • Material: Aluminum/Stainless Steel

The Cuckoo CRP P1009SB is the solution for when you need to feed a large number of people but don’t want to spend hours slaving over the fire. Because it provides a number of various cooking possibilities, you will be able to ensure that each person at the table is served a unique dish. Continue reading this evaluation of the cuckoo CRP P1009SB to get out more information about this highly intelligent device.

The Cuckoo CRP P1009SB has a sleek and sophisticated look that will go well with the rest of your kitchen equipment. It comes in both black and white, although the latter is much more noticeable. It weighs 15 pounds, with dimensions of around 15.5 by 12 by 11, and takes up a lot of space, so plan accordingly.

Digital controls are conveniently located on the front of this cuckoo rice cooker, as they are on other models in this kind. The pressure cooker/turbo offers a variety of buttons, including Keep warm/reheat, Press, Time, Menu, Auto Clean, Cancel, and Pressure cook/Turbo, so you may choose the exact setting you need. Voice navigation available in English, Chinese, and Korean adds even more pleasure to the experience of cooking.

Steam valve, lock handle, and clamp knob may all be found on the top. Adjusting the steam vent is unnecessary since it operates automatically. When the lid is closed, the lock handle automatically engages. Turn the handle clockwise to unlock and then push the clamp knob to release the lid. Though at first glance it may seem hard, once you get the hang of it, your new digital kitchen buddy will become an enjoyable addition to your time spent in the kitchen. You’ll have a spatula holder on your right hand. Because the inside pot is diamond coated, you can be certain that all of the minerals and nutrients in your food will be retained and enjoyed to their fullest.

Twelve distinct settings are available on the Cuckoo 12-in-1 Programmable & reputable Rice Cooker: Glutin-rice, Glutin-Turbo, Mixed Rice, Brown Rice, GABA Rice, Porridge, Multi-Cook, and more. Its pre-set multi-cook mode allows you to prepare more than just rice. You may bake a cake, pork chops with onions and garlic, yogurt, and fermented bread. You can also make suchi rice, chicken soup, porridge, and fermented bread.

Cuckoo CRP P1009SB will help you fix the problem of consuming overdone rice. A large percentage of reviewers said that the rice always came out well.

In addition, there is a delay timer, turbo cook setting, keep warm setting, and reheat setting. With the stay warm function, you can always have hot rice whenever you want it. It preserves the rice’s flavor and freshness without altering either. According to several reviews, the keep warm function may keep rice hot for up to 36 hours without altering the flavor.

It has never been simpler to prepare all of your preferred grains and rice dishes. You’ll be able to enjoy these time-honored and nutritious alternatives with a more refined flavor and smoother consistency when you use this multifunctional pressure rice cooker.

Rice comes in a variety of forms, including sticky white rice, brown rice, GABA rice, mixed rice, porridge, and more.

User Manual, Measuring Cup, Rice Scoop, Steam plate, cleaning pin.

You can feel at ease as you cook with the pressure rice cooker since it is equipped with a number of safeguards that are designed to protect both you and the appliance in pristine shape. A pressure control device, an automated pressure release valve, a lock checking device, a pressure regulator, an overheat indication, and other elements are included among the many safety measures.

There is nothing to worry about in terms of cleanliness. The Cuckoo CRP P1009SB rice cooker has an automatic cleaning function. Two glasses of water and the self-cleaning button will do the trick. A spatula, measuring cup, and inner pot may all be cleaned in the dishwasher. If you don’t have access to a dishwasher, you may still keep your rice cooker clean using a soft cloth and some dish soap. Cuckoo CRP P1009SB is the easiest programmable rice cooker to use.

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Let us now provide answers to some of the questions that are asked about the cuckoo rice cooker 10 cup :


A. Uncooked rice may be cooked in a rice cooker with a maximum capacity of 10 cups, and the amount of cooked rice can be up to twice as much as the uncooked rice.

A. The capacity of the rice cooker is always measured in terms of the amount of dry rice it can hold before it is cooked. Even though the rice cooker for 10 cups displays an uncooked state, the rice will really be cooked to the equivalent of 20 cups, which is enough for more than 6 people.

Therefore, it is safe to say that a rice cooker with ten cups is pretty substantial. Never get a rice cooker that is much larger than what is required for your household. Because it will lead to a rise in your power bill that is completely unnecessary.

A. After leveling out the top of the cup, measure one cup of long grain white rice into the cup. The amount of cooked rice that may be made from one cup of dry rice is sufficient for two to three servings for an adult. (Or three older children or two grownups and two younger children.)

A. The capacity of the rice cooker is always measured in terms of the amount of dry rice it can hold before it is cooked.

A. According to the reviews left by previous customers, Cuckoo unquestionably ranks high as one of the most well-liked available choices.

A. In a rice cooker, the amount of water to rice that should be used is typically equal to one another. That equates to one cup of water for every cup of rice.

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The Cuckoo CRP P1009SB is without a doubt a high-class machine that boasts a number of cutting-edge innovations. As a result of its sophisticated and astute cooking algorithm, it consistently delivers excellent results. However, the cost of the stovetop is quite high. We advise you to do it immediately if you can afford to spare a few dollars more. In any case, there are plenty of other brands out there that provide cheaper alternatives, but Cuckoo is still a household name. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more


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