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The best tow behind sprayer is essential if you have to deal with a large lawn or park area and need to spray fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides. More importantly, because the sprayer is mounted on your back, you are shielded from coming into contact with dangerous chemicals. Using a backpack sprayer or a pump sprayer takes a lot of time and effort, and it can be exhausting. Place the sprayer behind your lawn mower, tractor, or ATV and take a leisurely ride while the sprayer is doing its work with the help of a tow on the back.


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Many people who are looking to get a tow sprayer are unsure of what they should look for in order to purchase a proper and reliable tow sprayer. No need to be concerned; we are here to assist you in reaching the best decision. It was extremely challenging work, but now that you have seen the results, you will have no trouble making your decision if you continue to follow us to the conclusion.

Fortunately, there are many excellent toes for the rear of the sprayer, and in order to assist you in finding the best tow behind sprayers, we’ve researched the top ten most highly rated products available. Despite the fact that tow sprayers are identical in design, look, and size, we have conducted extensive market research in order to provide you with the best tow behind sprayer available. In addition, make sure to look for crucial elements such as tank capacity, technical add-ons, and other important characteristics that will assist you in purchasing what you require.

best pull behind sprayer

In the list here, you can see our top-rated tow on the back of the sprayer, followed by a full review of each model and a more in-depth tow on the back of the sprayer buying guide for more information. To assist you in learning more about the best pull behind sprayer, we’ve included some frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page. We hope that this article has provided you with a thorough understanding of toe sprayers and has assisted you in making an informed decision.

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In a hurry? Check the best tow behind sprayers from amazon. Just check the product link, the detail & price.

NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot...
NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot...
100% continuous duty rating; Honeywell MICRO SWITCH for enhanced durability and efficiency
Precision Products TCS25 Spot Sprayer, 12-Volt,...
Precision Products TCS25 Spot Sprayer, 12-Volt,...
25-gallon, 12-volt spot sprayer; up to 60 PSI; 1.8 Gallons per Minute; Heavy plastic tank with drain plug; can be mounted in the rear basket of ATV's or tractors
Ironton Tow-Behind Trailer Broadcast and Spot Sprayer -...
Ironton Tow-Behind Trailer Broadcast and Spot Sprayer -...
1 GPM Ironton pump with durable chemical-resistant components; 13-gallon tank is UV-resistant and compatible with virtually all pesticides
Agri-Fab 45-0292 15 Gallon Tow Sprayer, White & Black
Agri-Fab 45-0292 15 Gallon Tow Sprayer, White & Black
Capacity: 15 gallons; Product width: 7' Spray coverage when booms are extended; Assembly: some assembly required
NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot...
NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot...
100% continuous duty rating; Honeywell MICRO SWITCH for enhanced durability and efficiency
Agri-Fab 45-0293 25-Gallon 12-Volt Professional Tow...
Agri-Fab 45-0293 25-Gallon 12-Volt Professional Tow...
25 gallon tank is perfect for bigger jobs; Connects easily to vehicle’s electric source; Large screw cap for easy mixing of products
CHAPIN International Inc. 97600 15-Gallon, 12-Volt EZ...
CHAPIN International Inc. 97600 15-Gallon, 12-Volt EZ...
Compatible with common fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides
Homestead 12 Gallon Spot & Broadcast Trailer Sprayer
Homestead 12 Gallon Spot & Broadcast Trailer Sprayer
Great for Small to medium lawns, food plots and other Minimal turf applications; Features a 5 foot swath from a single Boom nozzle
Precision Products TCT25 Tow Behind and Spot Sprayer,...
Precision Products TCT25 Tow Behind and Spot Sprayer,...
25-gallon, 12-volt sprayer; up to 60 PSI; Tow behind tractor to spray over 7-foot area; hand wand also included for spot spraying
SMV Industries 25TY202HLB2G2N 25 Gallon DLX Trail...
SMV Industries 25TY202HLB2G2N 25 Gallon DLX Trail...
Easy installation; High quality product; Manufactured in United States
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A large number of various tow behind sprayers are currently available on the market to choose from. They are available in a variety of sizes and with a variety of capacities and features. Take a look at some of the most important factors to consider before making a purchase. Let us now guide you in finding the best tow behind sprayers:

best tow sprayer
[dt_quote]√ Type

Tow behind sprayers offer a variety of types, and it’s critical that you pick the proper one for your purposes. There are certain tow-behind sprayers that are only compatible with certain vehicles, like as tractors or ATVs, so you’ll want a sprayer that is compatible with your intended use of the tow-behind sprayer.

[dt_quote]√ Power

When purchasing a tow-behind sprayer, power is an important consideration. With a conventional 12V battery connection, most tow-behind sprayers work, but there are certain versions, like the NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Sprayer, that have their own engines built in.

[dt_quote]√ Tank Materials

It is critical that the tank be made of a material that is resistant to corrosion while using chemicals like weed killer and insecticide.

Thin polyethylene plastic is the most common material for tanks because it’s lightweight and easy to manufacture. However, tanks made of steel or fiberglass are also available. Polyethylene tanks that are made of high-quality polyethylene will come with UV protection to protect them from sun exposure.

Fiberglass is a highly long-lasting material. It’s light and rustproof, too, which makes it a good match for polyethylene.

When it comes to metal, stainless steel is the strongest and most resilient. When the tank is properly constructed, it will last for many years. However, it is more heavier and more expensive.

[dt_quote]√ Capacity

Consider the area you will be spraying if you want to acquire a tow-behind sprayer. As tank capacity range from 13 gallons to more than 25 gallons among different brands, it is important to know how much space you have to work with if you don’t want to wind up with a solution in your tank at the conclusion of your gardening.

A 15-gallon tow-behind sprayer is the most common size for most homes. 100-gallon pull behind sprayers are also available, but they’re far too large for most backyard projects.

It’s also possible to use top-rated backpack sprayers if your garden or lawn is just too little. We also learned about some of the most popular items in that category, thanks to information only available to us.

As a side note, don’t be fooled into buying a smaller tank unit with the idea of refilling it unless you’re willing to spend a significant amount of time on it. It’s easy to keep track of how much liquid is in the tank because most of the tanks have gallon markers molded into the plastic.

[dt_quote]√ Irritation

PSI (pounds per square inch) is the unit of measurement for the pressure in your tank. The spray stream is more powerful and may cover a bigger area at higher PSI values.

[dt_quote]√ Nozzles

A wide variety of spray nozzles may be attached to the end of each hose on many of the top tow-behind sprayers. Having adjustable nozzles or different nozzle options allows you to vary between different sprays, such as a mist or a steady stream, depending on your needs. A mist-like spray nozzle may be better suitable for something like a pesticide, while stream nozzles are better suited for water applications.

[dt_quote]√ Sprayer Boom

When spraying, a sturdy sprayer boom is also important for ensuring that your yard is well covered. When driving up and down, the tank’s liquid will be sprayed out across a larger region. There are a variety of options:

Hoses that transfer fluid from the tank can be supported by dry booms because of their structure. In order to do this, nozzles are placed along the surface. Dry booms have the advantage of being less expensive than alternative solutions.

Wet booms are supported by pipes, but they also transport the fluid to the spray nozzles through these pipes. Because they’re easy to rinse out, wet booms have fewer chances of being clogged or polluted with residues.

As the name implies, dripless booms have no-drip diaphragm check valve nozzles.

[dt_quote]√ Wheels/Tires

Your vehicle tows behind sprayers, so focus on the wheels. Various materials and sizes are available for them. Choosing pneumatic tires of the correct size is the best course of action. You should also remember that a tank filled to capacity with fertilizer will put tremendous strain on the wheels.

Then choose the appropriate size – the more difficult the terrain, the larger the wheels. A 25-gallon tank can be supported by a sprayer with 12-inch wheels from a number of manufacturers, making them ideal for rough terrain. Small wheels, on the other hand, are better suited to smooth, open expanses the size of a large garden.

[dt_quote]√ Spray Width

Using the spray width, you may get an estimate of how much surface area you’ll cover per pass. When it comes to larger properties, the best tow behind sprayer will have a broader spray width, allowing you to finish your task more quickly. Smaller yards may not necessitate such a feature. Adjustable nozzles on many tow sprayers allow you to fine-tune the spray pattern to meet your specific needs.

[dt_quote]√ GPM Output

A spray nozzle’s fluid flow can be measured in GPM (gallons per minute). The tank will drain more quickly at higher gallons per minute. However, this will allow you to finish the task faster. You may have to drive more slowly at a lower gallons per minute to ensure that the treated area is adequately covered.

[dt_quote]√ Warranty

A warranty is an important consideration when purchasing a tow behind sprayer. Despite the fact that these units are built to withstand the rigors of difficult or rocky terrain, they are susceptible to minor flaws, flaws, or breakages with time, especially if they are frequently used. In the event that something goes wrong, you’ll be more secure knowing that the manufacturer will stand behind their product with a longer warranty.


Finally, the cost of a tow-behind sprayer must be mentioned to anyone contemplating purchasing one. These units are available in a wide range of price points. Some of them are simply a few hundred dollars, while others might cost more than a thousand dollars. The first step is to figure out how much you can afford to spend on a tow-behind sprayer, and then look for a model that falls within that price range.

[dt_quote]√ Hitch

Your lawn tractor, lawn mower, or ATV’s rear hitch can be utilized to connect your pull-behind sprayer to any of these vehicles. With a universal hitch, the majority of models can be towed with ease.

[dt_quote]√ Extra Features

Spraying and storage are made easy with the best tow behind sprayers because to the extra features they offer. This is what you may expect:

Hand wands must be used for precise spot spraying. This can be done while driving if you have a long hose. Alternatively, you can walk the entire length of the hose to a more suitable spot.

The convenience of a remote switch is enhanced. Without getting out of your car, you can turn on and off your vehicle’s air-sprayer.

Foldable boom arms, foldable tongues, and retractable wheels and axles can all help reduce the overall size of the machine if storage space is at a premium.

Pull-behind sprayers with battery clips are common on the best models.

[dt_fancy_title title=”BEST TOW BEHIND SPRAYERS – 2023 REVIEWED” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

We start it out by a review of the best tow behind sprayers that be at the moment. We selected the top 10 tow behind sprayers in amazon for your pleasure.

1. NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer

This NorthStar model, which is the top on our list, is capable of meeting the needs of the majority of homeowners. A total of 21 gallons can be stored in it, and it has an open flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute.

It’s equipped with a 12V NSQ Series on-demand pump, making it an excellent choice for fertilizing or watering your grass on a regular basis. Because of its intuitive and quick priming, the pump is very simple to operate, and it can deliver up to 70 PSI of pressure. It is also ideal for distributing herbicides and insecticides.

One feature that distinguishes this sprayer is its patented tank, which is resistant to UV rays and chemical exposure.

Because of its continuous duty rating, this sprayer is also ideal for applications requiring a high level of coverage. Indeed, there is no need for a cool-down period with this pump, so you can continue spraying for as long as you want.

The sprayer has a retractable tow bar, foldable arms, and a removable axle and wheels, making it larger than the ordinary sprayer while remaining compact enough for convenient storage. It’s compatible with lawn tractors, riding lawn mowers, and ATVs, making it an excellent choice for lawns ranging from mid-range to large in size.



√ Spraying with pinpoint accuracy and broad coverage
√ All pesticides are compatible with this product
√ Pump that operates on demand
√ Micro switch manufactured by Honeywell


× The 12V cord is a little on the short side
× When valves are turned off, they may leak

2. Precision Products TCS25 Spot Sprayer

Precision Products TCT25 Tow Sprayer should be considered if you are concerned about your budget. The company streamlines the features so that they can be loaded onto the back of your vehicle with the least amount of effort.

For example, the tank is extremely lightweight due to the fact that it is constructed of a heavy-plastic tank. The use of this material eventually results in a reduction in the overall cost. Furthermore, the size of the containers is unusually enormous, allowing for the filling of 25 gallons. The pump has a maximum pressure of 60 PSI at a time. It can be easily mounted to tractors, riding lawn mowers, or carts, and it can be connected to any 12 volt direct current battery.

However, despite the lower cost of the plastic tank, it is not very durable when subjected to chemical and ultraviolet radiation damage. Furthermore, you will require some spare parts for attachments such as wheels or booms in order to increase the overall performance of the vehicle.



√ The price is quite reasonable
√ Sprayer tank has a lot of capacity and a good PSI
√ Installation and operation are simple
√ There is a 90-day limited warranty


× Tank made of less durable plastic
× Extra expenses are incurred for accessories

3. Ironton Tow-Behind Trailer Broadcast and Spot Sprayer

The Ironton Tow-Behind Trailer Broadcast and Spot Sprayer, which comes in at number one on our list of the top tow behind sprayers, takes first place. Featuring a 13-gallon tank, a 1-gallons-per-minute hose, and sturdy, durable construction throughout, it’s unquestionably one of the best all-around tow behind sprayers available for the money. In addition, it is an excellent fit for houses and properties of all shapes and sizes, performing admirably in all weather situations and consistently delivering the exceptional levels of performance you require and expect from a high-quality sprayer.

The excellence of the design and construction of the Ironton Tow-Behind Trailer Broadcast and Spot Sprayer is the number one item that really shines out about this machine. The construction of this tow behind sprayer has been done with long-term durability in mind. It is constructed of just the finest materials, and it has a variety of chemical-resistant components as well as a fully UV-resistant tank that is entirely compatible with virtually any pesticide imaginable.

Another important consideration in the design of the Ironton Tow-Behind Trailer Broadcast and Spot Sprayer is ease of operation. Gallon markers have been molded into the tank to allow you to readily monitor the fluid levels at any moment. Additionally, the tank has a large 7 1/2-inch opening and an easy-to-empty bottom drain. A few of minor drawbacks, including a short hose and a spray width that is quite narrow, keep this tow behind sprayer from being considered a terrific deal at its low price.



√ The overall build is of high quality
√ Materials that are resistant and long-lasting
√ Excellent all-arounder


× Although not the widest spray, it is effective
× The hose is a tad too small

4. Agri-Fab 45-0292 15 Gallon Tow Sprayer

The Agrifab Tow Sprayer 45-0292 15 Gallon has an extended boom tube, which makes it more maneuverable. When the sprayer’s hose is extended, it can be used as a backpack sprayer for up to 7 feet.

All of the components of the tank are made of polyethylene. Corrosion resistance is a property of the material. Additionally, three flat-free tires and a handheld spray wand are included in the box to make handling and transit less difficult and time-consuming. All of them are committed to providing the greatest tow sprayers. The spray pattern is handy and small enough to be mounted on the boom with minimal effort. The rod is 15 feet in length and may be bent to fit your needs. It can also be easily drained with the use of a drain plug.

When other qualities are taken into consideration, the Agri-Fab 45-0292 is the perfect fit for lawn care applications and turf boundaries throughout the year. The price, on the other hand, is something that some people dislike. It turns out to be a little more pricey than anticipated.



√ Construction that is both compact and lightweight
√ 7 feet is a broad classification
√ Battery pattern can be prevented by using the off/on switch


× For typical features, it’s a little pricey
× The camera couples are unhelpful

5. NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer

It is the most popular sprayer of its type on the market, and it is also the best-selling product on our list. This unit, which has a 21-gallon tank capacity and the ability to deliver an open flow of 2.2 gallons per minute, is up to the task of completing large operations swiftly and consistently.

The nozzles located on the right and left sides of the machine are completely under your control while you are spraying. This is particularly useful when spraying in limited areas, such as around fences and property boundaries.

You may change the nozzle of the spot spray pistol between a stream and a cone. Additionally, it provides a maximum vertical distance of 19 feet and a maximum horizontal distance of 30 feet. However, in addition to precision spraying, it is also effective for broad coverage. It is simple to spray an area of 10 feet while moving across fields, roads, or grassy lawns.

The pump can be used for as long as necessary to complete the task at hand because there is no requirement for a cool-down period once it is turned on. The tank is made of heavy-duty materials that are resistant to deterioration by chemicals and ultraviolet light.

A cart made entirely of steel is also included with the model. Breakaway boom arms have a spring-loaded breakaway mechanism that can be folded for simpler storage. A tow bar that can be retracted. Towing is made easier by the pneumatic wheels, which are 12 inches in diameter. As well as a big fill neck to make the operation of filling and cleaning a breeze.

Simply attach it to your garden tractor, riding mower, or ATV to get up and running. If you have a medium- to large-sized garden or a vast piece of land to spray, this is an excellent option.



√ This is an excellent choice for medium and large-sized lawns
√ Precision spraying as well as broad coverage are both possible with this product
√ Pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers are all compatible with this product
√ Viton valves and a Santoprene diaphragm of the highest quality


× Some consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the hand sprayer that comes with it

6. Agri-Fab 45-0293 Professional Tow Sprayer

Agri-professional Fab’s tow sprayer will undoubtedly be appreciated by professional landscapers around. Despite the fact that it is not the largest on the market, it stands out for its superb quality.

It is composed of high-quality plastic and is compatible with the majority of chemicals, making it an excellent tool for spraying herbicides, insecticides, and other lawn treatments. However, with a maximum production of 1.8 gallons per minute, it is not the most powerful model available.

Indeed, some semi-professional alternatives have higher outputs than others; while this is not always a disadvantage for all uses, it may be if you intend to utilize this sprayer for commercial purposes.

This sprayer, like the majority of Agri-Fab products, is not the most affordable. Nonetheless, if you require high-quality, long-lasting equipment, this is an excellent investment.



√ Tires with pneumatic rib tread for all-terrain use
√ Hand-held spray hose with wand that is 15 feet in length
√ Covers a surface area of up to 80 inches broad
√ Made in the United States of America & three-year limited warranty is included


× There is no way to alter the pressure of the sprayer
× It is possible that hose clamps will leak

7. Chapin Dripless Fertilizer, Herbicide and Pesticide Sprayer

This Chapin tow behind sprayer is yet another tow behind sprayer that has made it onto our list. When it comes to fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, this dripless sprayer is ideal for use with the vast majority of them. If you only want to water your plants, you can use simple water with this device.

The tank, which has a sturdy structure, impresses with a poly tank that is far stronger than plastic. Additionally, the trigger is constructed of polyethylene, while the extension wand is made of brass. It boasts a high-performance 12-volt diaphragm pump as well as a dual filtration system, making it an excellent choice for tiny lawns.

The professional dripless shut-off system, as well as the comfort grip lock, add to the overall value of the product.

The only minor drawback is that the hose is a little too short, but at least it is reinforced. The hose is, in fact, barely 15 feet in length. We do, however, appreciate the coverage provided by the 7-foot broad spray boom.

Its adjustable hitch makes it compatible with a wide range of vehicles, and its strong steel frame and firm pneumatic tires provide it with sturdiness and stability on a variety of terrains.



√ Wand made of high-quality brass
√ Pump and filter system with exceptional performance
√ A lock-off mechanism is included in the comfort grip
√ Translucent 15-gallon holding tank
√ Most fertilizers, insecticides, and weed killers are compatible with this product


× It is rather simple to puncture the tires

8. Homestead Pull & Tow Boom Broadcast Trailer Sprayer

If you only have a small or medium-sized patch of land to spray, this is a decent option. With an Everflo 1.1 gallon-per-minute pump, this unit is extremely efficient. A spraying coverage of 5 feet is provided by a boom nozzle on this model. There is also a rear drain port, which makes removing remaining fluids from the 12-gallon tank a straightforward task.

You can reach a distance of 30 feet horizontally and 15 feet vertically when spot spraying using the 10 foot hose and wand that is attached. Consequently, you may spray from the comfort of your seat while maneuvering around your yard.

Due to its folding tongue, it is easy to store when you don’t want to use it all the time. Towing behind a commercial or zero-turn mower is how it is intended to be used. However, you can also attach it to an ATV for further versatility.



√ For tiny gardens, this is an excellent tow behind sprayer
√ Setup is straightforward
√ Storage is made simple by the small size of the product


× It can be tough to get the remaining 1-2 gallons out of the tank while still keeping a steady stream of water
× Tank with a limited capacity

9. Precision Products Tow Behind and Spot Sprayer

The Precision is available in two different sizes. Tank with a capacity of 16 gallons, which is ideal for most small- to medium-sized gardens. Additionally, a larger 25-gallon tank is available for those who have larger chores to do.

The pump, which pumps at the rate of 1.8 gallons per minute, attaches quickly and conveniently to a 12V battery on your tractor or lawn mower. Additionally, it creates up to 60 PSI. You may get a breadth of around 7-9 feet with the spray bar.

The fact that the pump is positioned on an anti-vibration pad makes this sprayer a pleasant addition.The hand wand is connected to a 15-inch hose and has the capability of spraying small trees up to 12 feet in height.

Many consumers have expressed their satisfaction with the unit’s long-term endurance. Thanks to the steel Shurflo pump, which will last for years.



√ Construction is of high quality
√ Pump made of steel
√ Mounting block with anti-vibration properties


× It can be tricky to put together
× In order to prevent leaking, it is occasionally necessary to tape the plumbing connections with Teflon tape

10. SMV Industries 25 Gallon DLX Trail Sprayer

When it comes to visual appeal as well as performance, the SMV industries bright yellow sprayer is a standout.

It is particularly well suited for spraying wide tracts of land. With a 25-gallon tank, a 2-gallon-per-minute 12V DC pump, and two nozzles on the boom, you can get speedy coverage over a 7-foot-wide area while spraying. Customer reports indicate that they have achieved widths of up to 12 feet when using an angled spray pattern and sustaining high pressure of approximately 60 PSI.

The high-quality spray wand has a horizontal reach of around 30 feet and a vertical reach of approximately 20 feet. This is sufficient for spraying small fruit trees.  The mobility provided by 13-inch tires is excellent in challenging terrain.



√ Durable
√ The vertical and horizontal reach of the handheld sprayer are both very long
√ The tank is quite large


× Some people believe the trailer hitch is too low on the trailer
× When there are leaks around the hose entry and exit holes, it is necessary to plug those places in order to fill the tank to its maximum capacity

[dt_fancy_title title=”FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs)” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

Let’s finish by answering a couple of the most asked questions about the best tow behind sprayers:

best tow behind sprayer
[dt_quote]Q1. Is it possible to use a tow-behind sprayer to spray my trees?

A. The answer is yes, even though most tow-behind sprayers are not designed for this purpose. If you can easily and simply maneuver your unit around the trees, the spraying effect will function very well on plants of all shapes and sizes, even the best tow behind sprayers built for use on lawns rather than tree-lined areas. If you’re going to be spraying your trees, choose one of the more powerful tow behind sprayers, such as the Agri-Fab 45-0293 Professional Tow Sprayer.

[dt_quote]Q2. Tow-behind and Pull-behind Sprayers are the same thing, right?

A. The two are, in fact, interchangeable. So when we talk about a pull-behind sprayer, we mean a tow-behind sprayer as well.

[dt_quote]Q3. What is the operation of a tow behind sprayer?


A. Among the features of a professional tow sprayer are a tank, a pump, and various distribution methods. However, the tank is typically extraordinarily heavy and needs to be supported by saddles or cradles in order to work on its own instead of being in contact with the hose.

It also has a skid mount with two runners that holds the engine and pump to the vehicle’s back or truck. In addition, a universal hitch and an axle can be used to transform the skid into a trailer.

When you’re running, you’re forcing a lot of air into your lungs. Once the liquid has been drained, a low pressure above the tube aids the process.

[dt_quote]Q4. What is the working concept of a boomed pull behind sprayer?

A. A full perpendicular tube with a wide variety of spray heads is ideal for covering large areas fast while towing a towable sprayer. Such a section is referred to as a boom. Adjustable spray widths are made possible by a boom.

[dt_quote]Q5. Who manufactures the best tow behind sprayer?


A. Sprayers in general and towable sprayers in particular are Northstar’s specialties. The superiority of their goods speaks for itself.

In the Iron Range of Minnesota, a guy started a corporation. Log splitter valves, cylinders, and log splitter manuals were all he needed to establish his own business. In addition to air compressors, water pumps, tarps, and other items were added over the course of the company’s first three decades of operation.

Northstar offers a wide range of sprayers backed up by beneficial technology, expertise, and a commitment to client satisfaction. Online, in-person, or via mail-order catalogs are all ways to purchase these sprayers.

In addition to Northstar, reputable names like Precision Products, Agri-Fab, Ironton, and Chapin International are also available. If you’re pressed for time, take a quick look at the best picks from our list above.

[dt_quote]Q6. What do you need to know about maintaining your tow behind sprayer?


A. Maintaining the tow behind sprayer correctly is essential to its long-term viability. We’ve compiled a list of helpful hints for keeping your vehicle running smoothly:

Before filling the tank, check for leaks in loose fittings and hose cracks.

Rinse out the strainers and the tips on a daily basis. To remove clogs, use soapy water and a toothpick if necessary, and soak the clogs well.

Do not exceed manufacturer and sprayer-specific pressure limits. For herbicides and pesticides, 30 PSI is good, whereas for fungicides and insecticides, the lower the PSI, the better.

Open the spray and inspect the discharge spray pattern’s flow rate. Ensure that the hose is adequately tightened before adjusting the valve to meet your specific requirements. When not in use, depressurize the system. Use only a portion of the available resources. Allow your spray to take a break every now and again.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Final verdict” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

Overall, we were able in compiling the best tow behind sprayer reviews. We are aware that you are now prepared to enter the vast world of lawn care, choosing the most appropriate sprayer for your needs from among a variety of available possibilities. Remember to thoroughly read through the purchasing guide in order to retain important methods and strategies. If this guide has assisted you in selecting the one you prefer, then our efforts have been productive. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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