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All of us are familiar with buttons. It’s a little element, but it’s essential. It’s a fastener of sorts. We use buttons to attach clothing, materials, and bags, or to decorate our outfits with them. We’ll need a hole in order to slip a button through. The buttonhole is the name given to such opening.

It’s not uncommon for us to take a glance at a dress or shirt and not give much thought to how it was put together. Our buttons and buttonholes are seldom a place for us to express ourselves. Proper sewing equipment are required to stitch even the tiniest of garment components perfectly.

In order to stitch buttons and holes, sewing machines offer a variety of functions. Buttonsholes are the subject of today’s discussion. As a result, we’ve decided to compile a list of the top buttonhole sewing machines available on the market today.

We’re going to go over each one and explain why they’re the best in the industry. For the time being, we’ll stick to the obvious: they’re great for button holes. The remainder of it will be covered in detail in our review.

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Let us now guide you in finding the best sewing machine for buttonholes:

best buttonhole machine
[dt_quote]√ Styles of Buttonholes

Buttonholes may be made in a matter of seconds using a one-step automated option on many sewing machines. The machine will cost more if it has a greater variety of buttonhole styles. In general, automatic sewing machines are pricier.

[dt_quote]√ Built-In Stitches

There are several built-in stitches in more costly sewing machines. The built-in stitches save you time and effort, allowing you to create complicated designs. In many machines, you may also change the stitch length to fit your design.

[dt_quote]√ Needle Threader Automated

There are several advantages to using an automated needle threader. In addition, it will save you a lot of eye strain. Without the distraction of minor inconveniences, you are free to devote your whole concentration to the task at hand: liberating your potential.

[dt_quote]√ Multiple Speed Selection

You should be able to adjust the speed of a decent buttonhole sewing machine to accommodate various types of cloth. On sensitive textiles, you cannot use rapid stitching rates. You should be able to adjust the speed of a decent machine.

[dt_quote]√ Presser Feet

Presser feet are included with certain machines. Depending on the situation, you may have to buy them individually. In difficult undertakings, these items prove to be invaluable. Stitching zippers and hems is made easier using them.

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In this first segment, we review ten of the best sewing machine for buttonholes on the market as of now:


The buttonholes produced by this machine are widely regarded as some of the best in the industry. It’s loaded with a slew of buttonhole patterns to let your inner designer go. It is primarily recognized for its ability to create six distinct buttonholes. You may effortlessly construct up to six different buttonhole designs with only one buttonhole presser. Single-step creation of auto-size buttons is possible.

There are around 76 pre-installed stitches on this machine. As many as seventy-six varieties are available to pick from. This sewing machine comes with roughly 10 different presser foot. It includes all-purpose, blind hem and satin foot presser feet as well as buttonhole and hand embroidery feet.

A mind-blowing 735 stitches per minute may be achieved by this sewing machine. To meet your specific needs, you may also alter the maximum speed. The LED light ensures that you can see well while you are working.

With a digital display, it’s simple to choose from a variety of options. When it comes to choosing the perfect alternative for your buttonhole, you don’t have to deal with buttons. This sewing machine comes with a slew of extras. Included in the package are 10 different presser foot, as well as several caps for the auxiliary Spool Pin, as well as felt discs for the Spool Pin Felt.

In addition to thirteen built-in buttonhole patterns, this sewing machine has a variety of buttonhole styles to pick from.



√ This sewing machine has six different kinds of buttonholes
√ You may choose from a total of seventy-six stitches that are already built in
√ There are ten presser feet included in the package
√ In addition to that, there is a sizable storage area
√ A digital display and an LED light may be found on this device


× The digital display does not have a backlight


When examining the best sewing machine for buttonholes, it is difficult to skip a Brother machine. This is Brother’s first release. The buttonhole foot is one of eight sewing and quilting feet that come with the machine.

It’s an easy-to-use sewing machine with a high stitch rate. The maximum stitching speed is 850 SPM, however you may alter and manage the sewing pace to suit your preferences. There are a total of 60 pre-installed stitches on this machine. Choosing the stitches is very simple. A stitch selection switch is provided for this purpose.

There’s a huge table in here. For large-scale projects, this is the best tool to use. Buttonholes on coats and other large items may be easily sewn because to the considerable amount of room provided.

Not only is it ideal for large projects, but it’s also great for sewing together smaller objects. It features a free arm for stitching smaller items like sleeves and pant legs.



√ Simple to operate
√ A buttonhole foot is included among the eight sewing and quilting feet
√ 60 stitches built right in
√ One-step buttonholes in seven different styles
√ The maximum stitching speed that may be adjusted is 850 SPM


× Does not work on textiles that are either too thin or too thick


The Juki HZL-F600 is a one-of-a-kind model. Its box feed mechanism is the cause behind this. Buttonholes are also an important topic, so let’s start there. It has 225 built-in stitches and 16 different types of buttonhole stitches.

We hear HZL-F600 when you mention buttonhole variation. If you wish to pursue a career in sewing, this is the machine for you. This is a powerful tool for anybody who wants to pursue a career in fashion design.

Let us now go through the box feed technique in more detail. The cloth you’re stitching will benefit greatly from this technology. This feeding mechanism employs a box motion instead of an oval motion. This is how the name came to be. In other words, shrinkage of materials or textiles is completely eliminated.

Free motion stitching is possible, and there is plenty of room for huge items like quilts. The free arm then aids in the sewing of sleeves and pant legs. The finest sewing machine for buttonholes can handle any sort of cloth, whether it’s thin or thick.



√ There are 16 different styles of buttonhole stitching
√ 225 distinct stitches that are already included in
√ 900 stitches are added to the project per minute
√ Perfectly stitches through both thin and thick layers of fabric
√ Utilizes a technique known as box feed


× It is difficult to work with for those just starting out


This is a computerized sewing machine. It’s completely hands-free. Sewing machine understands exactly what it’s doing. Projects may be done in a matter of minutes using this tool. It has a sewing speed of 850 SPM and operates at a high pace.

Sewing feet are included with the machine. Among the several options are the all-purpose foot, the zipper foot, and the button sewing foot. In addition to the underplate and buttonhole foot, it also features a buttonhole foot. To stitch buttonholes, it must be the ideal sewing machine.

Buttonholes may be made in a variety of ways, not just one. You don’t have to keep making the same thing. It has 13 built-in buttonholes in a sewing machine. You’re free to play around with it.

Additionally, there are a massive 600 stitches built in. This machine is capable of almost every kind of stitch. Threading a needle is a snap when you have an auto needle threader on hand. It’s durable, long-lasting, and convenient to carry.



√ 13 different buttonhole styles are already built in
√ Buttonhole feet are also considered to be pressure feet
√ Buttonholes made in a single step, using an underplate
√ Incredible 600 stitches that are already built in
√ Stitches at a rapid pace of 850 stitches per minute (SPM)


× It is difficult to deal with stuff that is bulky


As previously said, we have a second Janome sewing machine to show you. Buttonholes are a breeze to stitch with this machine. The intended audience for this sewing machine is those who have never used one before. Overly simple to use. It doesn’t have any complicated features that are difficult to grasp.

Only 18 stitches are pre-installed. These should be plenty for a newbie. Because all of the 18 stitches are the most often utilized. If you want to sew buttonholes, you’ll need to pick a buttonhole stitch.

Basically, it’s a four-step procedure. This method may not be as quick as the one-step methods. However, you can be certain that the buttonholes you create for the siding will be secure and seamless.

A balancing mechanism is included in the machine. Specialty textiles benefit from its ability to provide exact outcomes. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that the machine won’t damage your priceless creations. You’ll also get a muffling pad, ten plastic bobbins, and fourteen needles as part of the extra package.



√ Buttonhole with four substeps
√ Eighteen stitches
√ Adjuster of the balance for producing precise results on special textiles
√ 7-piece feed dog for fine fabric management
√ Top loading jam proof bobbin system


× Makes a grinding noise


Another Singer sewing machine is now being reviewed. There are 23 stitches incorporated into this heavy-duty machine. It’s a high-speed sewing machine as well as a heavy-duty machine. It can stitch at a rate of 1100 stitches per minute (SPM).

It requires a motor that is 60 percent more powerful to run at such a high pace. It’s a breeze to sew thick seams. It’s perfect for anything from clothing to home décor to quilts to crafts. The buttonhole foot is one of several included sewing feet with the machine.

A one-step buttonhole with auto-sizing. Additionally, you receive an all-purpose foot, zipper foot, and button sewing foot with each package. Buttons aren’t the only thing you can sew on this machine. It’s a one-stop shop sewing machine that enables you experiment with a wide range of techniques.

If you’re just starting off, this is an excellent purchase. If you’re a seamstress, you’ll have an even greater advantage. Some of the modifications may be difficult to grasp, but they’re quite beneficial. A sturdy sewing machine that will last a long time is what you get here.



√ Solidly constructed
√ Contains several buttonhole feet in addition to the pressure feet it does have
√ 23 stitches that are pre-installed
√ Automatic threader for needles
√ stitches at a rate of 1,100 stitches per minute


× Suddenly, the tension system spirals out of control, albeit this does not always happen


We’ll be taking a look at a lot of Janome sewing machines. They can stitch to a high degree of precision. A computerized sewing machine from them is our first. You may easily make a buttonhole with the help of the auto buttonhole foot.

Not only that, but there are six different buttonholes to choose from. As a result, it allows for a wider range of buttonhole stitching options. There are 30 built-in stitches. It’s ideal for those just getting started. To change the stitch, just press a button on the remote control.

It’s quick and simple to use, thanks to the integrated needle threader. During stitching, the machine’s seven-piece feed dog provides a smooth motion for the cloth. It has a needle-up/down memory function. As a result, your needle will come to rest exactly where you want it to at the conclusion of the sewing process.

Many sewing machines are unable to stitch heavy materials, such as denim. This, however, is not the case. It even goes the additional mile by including a double lift presser foot for stitching thicker materials with ease. The buttonhole foot is just as helpful as this tool.



√ Foot with an automatic buttonhole
√ 30 threads that are integrated
√ Six 1-step sensor type buttonholes
√ Compatible with more substantial textiles
√ Needle halt, both up and down, was committed to memory


× This is not an inexpensive sewing machine


This sewing machine warrants a remark at the conclusion of our evaluation. There are a total of six stitching foot included. They may be replaced quickly and easily. A buttonhole foot is among the six. Buttonholes may be made in whatever size you choose.

This one-step, auto-size buttonhole device allows you to make buttonholes of any size. Stitching like as blind hems, ornamental stitches, and quilting stitches are also popular in this fabric. If you count the built-in stitches, you get a total of 27 integrated stitches in the machine.

In addition, 63 stitch options are included for sewing. The stitches may be easily selected using a rotating dial. Sewing is a fun hobby for all skill levels, from novice to expert. It’s able to handle both extremes.

In addition, the machine sews at a reasonable pace, as well. 800 stitches per minute are required for sewing. Thread jamming is prevented by the drop-in top bobbin. So there isn’t a problem with threading.



√ There are six different stitching feet, one of which is a buttonhole foot
√ Automatic buttonholes with just one step required
√ 27 pre-programmed stitches and 63 different stitch functionalities
√ 800 Stitches Per Minute (SPM) Sewing Speed
√ Bobbin with resistance to jamming


× Not simple to thread at all


Juki DDL-8100, a sewing machine from a long line of trusted manufacturers, is well-known for its responsiveness. The one-push buttonhole mechanism is a standout feature of this sewing machine. Make sure you don’t spend any time throughout your suffering by using this service.

This heavy-duty sewing machine is constructed completely of metal. It’s built to endure a lifetime and then some. Stitching at a rate of 45 hundred per minute, this equipment is impressive. How quickly you can stitch buttonholes is beyond comprehension.

This is not your average walking foot sewing machine. Excellent for industrial usage, this sewing machine is a real workhorse. With this sewing machine, you get everything you need. This kit includes a V belt and an oil pan knee lifter for convenience. A bobbin winder, thread stand, and machine oil are also included. In addition, an electric motor and a work surface are included.

Buttonholes may be sewn in a matter of seconds with this amazing industrial sewing machine.



√ This is a sewing machine used in industrial settings
√ It is capable of an incredible sewing pace of four thousand five hundred stitches per minute
√ Simply said, this is the most efficient sewing machine for creating buttonholes
√ Along with the main item, several other accessories are also given


× This sewing machine does not come with any stitches pre-programmed into it


Who has not seen a Singer sewing machine at their grandma’s home when they think of sewing machines?

With its electric pedal, 10 stitch patterns (some ornamental, all changeable longitudinally), and a manual knob to manage upper thread tension, the Singer 2250 Tradition follows in the footsteps of the classic pedal sewing machines.

With this machine, you’ll be able to sew for a long time since it’s sturdy and solid, and it lets you customize your clothing and your home to your heart’s content.

Zipper foot, buttonhole foot, blind hem and a needle and bobbin pack are just some of the additional equipment you’ll get with this machine. Also included is a lightweight protective cover for when you’re not using it.

Because this sewing machine is intended for personal use, it may be a little short if you want to devote your life to sewing professionally.



√ Simple to work with while making buttonholes


× It is comparable to other sewing machines in its price range, although it only has 10 stitches

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We finish off by answering some of the hard questions about the best sewing machine for buttonholes:

best sewing machines for buttonholes
[dt_quote]Q1. To sew buttonholes, what presser foot do you need?

A. The button hole foot is a special kind of sewing machine foot that attaches to the machine via a clip. First, take off the presser foot that’s now attached to your machine, and then attach the buttonhole foot. Your machine has either a one step or four step buttonhole preset that you may use to create a buttonhole.

[dt_quote]Q2. Is it possible to stitch buttonholes using contemporary sewing machines?

A. When it comes to the process of producing buttonholes, every sewing machine has its own unique quirks. Newer sewing machines often come with an all-in-one buttonhole option, whereas older machines typically come with a sequence of instructions that must be followed in order to create a buttonhole.

[dt_quote]Q3. Why is it that my sewing machine refuses to make a buttonhole?

A. Check that the buttonhole lever on the machine has been brought down as far as it can go, and then gently move it back up to its starting position. Adjustments are able to be made with this Buttonhole fine adjustment screw in the event that the left side of the buttonhole is disproportionately open or closed in comparison to the right side.

[dt_quote]Q4. Is a buttonhole foot required to make a buttonhole?

A. Never in a million years! You do not need a buttonhole function on your sewing machine in order to create buttonholes; you have that ability already.

[dt_quote]Q5. What’s the deal with my buttonhole not moving?

A. Whether the buttonhole foot will not move and is stuck in one spot, you should test to see if your sewing machine is able to make normal, narrow, and short zigzag stitches on the same cloth using a conventional presser foot. A buttonhole stitch is really simply a specialized kind of zigzag stitching that has a much shorter stitch length and a zigzag width that is significantly narrower.

[dt_quote]Q6. What’s the difference between a one-step buttonhole and a four-step buttonhole?

A. You may choose between the 4-step method, which involves more human labor, and the 1-step method, which is characterized by a greater degree of mechanization. In addition to the apparent reason for making and using buttonholes, they are starting to play what will eventually become a very important function in the realms of home decoration and handicraft.

[dt_quote]Q7. What is the Milanese buttonhole?

A. On the other hand, making a Milanese buttonhole requires first cutting the buttonhole and then sewing it extremely meticulously thereafter. A special piece of thread known as a “gimp” is used, and the tailor will hand-stitch it all the way around the buttonhole.

[dt_quote]Q8. What is the meaning of a corded buttonhole?

A. The cording ensures that the buttonhole will not become unstable. Cording provides a buttonhole with the ability to withstand stretching and maintain its form. This method is good for buttonholes that are going to receive a lot of usage, or when you want a buttonhole that appears thick and sumptuous. It is especially effective for producing buttonholes on knit fabric, which is where it finds its greatest use.

[dt_quote]Q9. What is the name of a lady’s buttonhole?

A. They are often worn by the male members of the bridal party, including the groom, best man, ushers, father-of-the-bride, father-of-the-groom, and occasionally the page boy. They are also known as boutonnières in certain instances. It is important that the style of the buttonhole correspond with that of the flowers used in the bridal celebration.

[dt_quote]Q10. What does it mean to have a straight buttonhole?

A. Mark the FACE SIDE (outside) of the garment using chalk or a light pencil in the form of a line or dots to create straight buttonholes. Mark the WRONG SIDE (inside) of the keyhole and lapel hole with chalk or a light pencil in the shape of a cross to indicate the direction the eye should look and where it should sit.

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We’ve reviewed a list of the top buttonhole sewing machines for your convenience. The sewing machines we’ve chosen are built to last and are more than capable of handling the job at hand. We’ve got everything you could possibly want or need here. Whatever your sewing machine needs may be, we’ve got a selection for you.

Amazon customers have given all of the sewing machines on our list great ratings and are recognized for their efficiency. As a result, be ready to be amazed at how simple it is to make buttonholes. Get your hands on the secret to designing your own unique clothing. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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