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Nowadays, we all have at least one item that needs to be installed in our homes, like a TV or a refrigerator. Some people do not know how to install it, so they take it to someone who knows about the subject. You don’t have enough time to do that which is where an automatic projector screen is great for people like you who are very busy with their job and don’t have time to go somewhere else just because of one item.


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If you are looking for a projector screen that does not require manual installation while still getting maximum viewing experience, then you should go for an automatic projector screen. There are many types of screens available in the market and you can choose anyone based on your needs. There are many benefits when you decide to purchase this projector screen.

An automatic projector screen can be used without any human intervention. There are many advantages of having such a projector, as it ensures that the picture quality and resolution are not compromised by poor projection conditions or improper placement of the screen. Projecting in poorly lit areas often results in pictures projected onto walls instead of screens. While this is not a problem for casual users, people who prefer to have more control over their projection would benefit significantly from automatic screen devices which can be controlled wirelessly via mobile apps.

Projector screens are usually divided into two categories- fixed positioning and motorized resizing. Fixed positioning projector screens are simply frames that are held in place and cannot be moved. On the contrary, motorized resizing screens are those whose frames can be retracted or expanded to fit any projection area. They are also fitted with support structures that enable them to withstand the high pressure that is exerted on them when they hold large amounts of weight. These devices are expensive because they require complex machinery to function, but they are worth their cost.

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[dt_fancy_title title=”BUYING GUIDE: HOW TO FIND THE BEST MOTORIZED PROJECTOR SCREEN” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

Let us now guide you in finding the best motorized projector screen. If you want to know how to choose the best electric projector screen, then it will help if you check out these factors first:

motorized projector screen
[dt_quote]√ Screen material

The materials used for projector screens are different from the ones you see in front of the home television. You need to be careful about which screen material you choose depending on what type of light it will reflect and how far your seats are away from the screen.

[dt_quote]√ Screen size

This factor depends a lot upon where your seats are placed as well as on how you will see the screen from your seat. You can buy a bigger screen if you have more than one row of seats in front of it or if you are planning on installing it at some distance from where you will be watching.

[dt_quote]√ Screen height

The price of motorized projector screens depends greatly upon their size and weight. If you choose to install one in the ceiling, it will not be that expensive. If you choose to install one on a wall that is lower than your seating area then automatically you need to consider buying an automatic projector screen with a motorized height adjustment feature.

[dt_quote]√ Screen motor

As technology keeps improving, so are the options available for this factor. The most basic automatic projector screen has a manual rotating feature. If you want one that can quickly and easily be switched between the two set angles then you need to check out which ones are sold in your area.

[dt_quote]√ Electricity requirements

Some projector screens utilize an electricity supply while others will not require any additional power source besides the usual projector screen installation type. Motorized projector screens are usually the ones that do not need any additional power supply.

[dt_quote]√ Screen weight

Lightweight motorized projector screen types will be easier to install and will also need less space for their storage. They generally come with a case or cover so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged in your home theater area.

[dt_quote]√ Cord length

The cord length of the motorized projector screen must be long enough for it to reach from the wall outlet where you are planning on installing it.

[dt_quote]√ Ease of installation

All automatic projector screens will require some type of installation and depending upon what kind of features they have, this may be more or less. Depending upon your skill level, motorized projector screens will be fairly easy to install.

[dt_fancy_title title=”BEST MOTORIZED PROJECTOR SCREEN – 2023 REVIEWED” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

In this first segment, we review six of the best motorized projector screen on the market as of now:

1. Elite Screens VMAX2, 150-inch 16:9, Wall Ceiling Electric Motorized Drop Down HD Projection Projector Screen, VMAX150UWH2

Elite Screens VMAX2, 150-inch 16:9 is a motorized projector screen that can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. Its manufacturer, Elite Screens, claims that this projector screen can withstand high winds up to 158 miles per hour (250 km/h). The projection screens material includes frame-less fabric stretched across a 1.25″ aluminum extrusion system with sturdy side rails and an extra-wide case with internal cable management to hide unsightly wires.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Versatility

This screen has a wide range of uses. It can be used as a projector screen, plasma TV or monitor set-up, home theatre for your favorite movies and television programs in the comfort of your own home to outdoor movie nights with friends and family.

√ Remote Motorized Feature

With its motorized feature, you can lower or raise it using one remote control at the touch of a button.

√ High-Quality Products

The electric drop ceiling case is made up of phenolic resin and plastic molded parts with heavy gauge steel in its internal support structure.

√ Fully Automatic System

It works by detecting VGA video signals that are properly set up on your computer screen, which then sends a signal to a motorized mechanism causing it to retract into its case when not in use.


√ High quality of the screen’s material
√ Strong and sturdy black aluminum case with internal cable management system hiding unsightly wires for a clean look.
√ Ability to adjust 3 different settings using one handheld remote control.
√ Adjustable height created by placing the product on top of your existing drop ceiling box.
√ Easy to read the instructions manual.


× Requires an electrical outlet to be placed near or paying extra for an extension cord.

2. Elite Screens Starling Tab-Tension 2 CineGrey 5D, 120" 16:9, 8K 4K Ultra HD Ready Ceiling and Ambient Light Rejecting Electric Projector Screen, CineGrey 5D Projection Material, STT120UHD5-E12

This projector screen is an ideal mounting screen product designed for the home theater. The design of this product allows it to be mounted on most ceiling structures or flat surfaces. You can also mount this projector just below your television set by attaching a piece of board to its four feet to provide a platform for TV placement. It cancels out ambient light and it is, therefore, ideal for use in a dark room.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Clear, High Definition Pictures

The projector provides high definition pictures because it is made using CineGrey 5D projection material which makes it the best option for most customers who want to enjoy watching their favorite movies, TV and sports programs on their large screens without paying much in comparison with other products available in the market today.

√ Light but Durable

The screen material is not only lightweight but also durable hence it will serve you for many years without tearing or changing color when exposed to heat from lamps on the projector screen or sunlight as well as moisture condensation.

√ 16:9 Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of 16:9 ensures that you have a wide viewing angle hence you will not miss any detail when watching your favorite movie or sports program.


√ Well-built and high-quality materials
√ Bright uniform image across the whole screen.
√ Easy to install.
√ Easy to clean.
√ One year warranty.


× Expensive for a non-reference class projector screen.

3. VIVIDSTORM-Projector Screen with Stand S PRO P 100 inch Foldaway Home/Movie Portable

The VividStorm projector screen is a collapsible 100-inch screen that can be used for home theater or portable movie night. It is acoustically transparent, allowing sound to pass through the screen without echo or reverberation. The TransPro light rejecting material allows you to watch movies in any room while reducing eye strain when watching on LCD/Plasma screens.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Ultra-Portable

The VividStorm projector screen is an ultra-portable, collapsible, travel size projector screen that could be easily stored and carried around by any one person because it is so lightweight and foldable into a sack when not being used.

√ Crisp Acoustic Qualities

This item also has acoustic qualities so that you will hear precise dialogue and crisp sounds from your speakers. The screen’s acoustic transparency allows sound to travel through clearly to prevent any form of echoing or reverberation.

√ Lighting Rejecting Screen

The screen is light rejecting and can be used in rooms with varying levels of lighting, which eliminates the need for you to turn off overhead lights or install blackout curtains before projecting movies.


√ Looks sleek and modern.
√ Perfect for those who do not want to spend extra money on a stand.
√ Easily movable.
√ Allows you to save space.


× The price of this product is quite high.

4. Elite Screens Yard Master Electric, 150-inch Outdoor Motorized Projector Screen

This outdoor projector screen is made by Elite Screens, one of the world’s largest makers and distributors of projection screens for home theater systems. The Yard Master Electric is constructed with an aluminum frame and a heavy-duty black vinyl covering. The screen weighs about 63 pounds, considerably lighter than most other models in this class and it operates very quietly because there are no fans.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Ergonomic Design

It comes with a detachable power cord, plus an 8-foot-long audio cable that connects to your device so you can use its built-in speakers for sound effects or music. In addition, there are two jacks to plug into a separate 5 1/4″ surround sound system or attach directly to your TV’s audio-out jack.

√ Screen Construction

The aluminum frame is made of 12K weave wire cloth coated with powder paint; the black vinyl covering is made of durable, long-lasting vinyl and it measures 3 1/2 millimeters thick.

√ The Magic Behind The Screen

There are two motors inside its aluminum frame that run on 110 VAC current, one motor for stretching the screen diagonally from corner to corner when the cover is pulled down or retracted fully into its home position; another motor to stretch it horizontally across its entire length at any point along its sides when the screen is pulled down or retracted fully into its home position.


√ Solid and well-constructed.
√ Convenient choice to use as an outdoor movie viewing screen.
√ Provides excellent picture quality.
√ It’s easy to set up in virtually any environment.


× Some customers complain of poor customer service.

5. VIVIDSTORM Office Presentation Mortar Mount Tension Screen

This projector screen is a great solution for home theater and cinema use. Designed to solve the multiple challenges of ambient lighting and ambient noise that come with using a 100″ or larger screen in your living room or family room.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Aluminum Covering

The frame itself is composed of extruded aluminum covered by black vinyl panels. The top panel has three height adjustment points for finding the perfect height for your projection.

√ Made for Convenience

The frame can also be tilted forward or backwards to provide the proper angle. Two locking wheels allow the screen to be rolled up and secured during use in unattended areas.

√ 16:9 Aspect Ratio

The screen is a 120″ diagonal 16:9 aspect ratio, with a black backing that provides excellent contrast when used as a projection surface. The best optimal image is seated at least 8 feet away from the center of the screen.


√ Has three height adjustment points for finding the perfect height for your projection.
√ Weighs about 48 pounds which is light enough to carry around.
√ Carries a 1-year warranty.


× Not recommended for dimming.

6. Elite Screens VMAX2, 135-inch 16:9, Wall Ceiling Electric Motorized Drop Down HD Projection Projector Screen, VMAX135XWH2

The Elite Vmax2 with its 135″ diagonal measurement and 120Hz screen refresh rate is one of the most versatile projection screens available today. This projector screen can be set up in a variety of ways for maximum viewing pleasure.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Motorized

Using its convenient electric drop feature, you’ll never have to touch your expensive projector ever again. The motorized design allows it to descend from up to 60 inches high all day long without any effort at all.

√ Audio

This projector screen also features a built-in 5.1 channel surround sound speaker system with 3 audio modes, Stereo, Dual Mono and Theater.

√ Projection Screen

The Elite Vmax2 is one of the few screens available that offers a full 16:9 aspect ratio designed to offer a near HDTV viewing experience from any distance within 40 feet.

The VMAX2 also features a manual iris and built-in HDTV format masking system that ensures seamless image transition between sources such as from SD, HD or projecting 2 different sources at once.

√ Projection Method

This projector screen can be manually operated with its convenient hand crank controller or remotely using your own external IR remote. You can also operate it wirelessly via its built-in RF receiver which works up to 50 feet away! The wireless RF control is compatible with any of our receivers such as the one found in our wireless RF remote kits ELREMOTRF1 or ELREMOTRFCK1.


√ Durable and well built.
√ It comes in a variety of sizes.
√ It can easily be stored when not in use.
√ The electric motor is quiet.


× It does take some time for installation.

7. Elite Screens VMAX2, 135-inch 4:3, Wall Ceiling Electric Motorized Drop Down HD Projection Projector Screen, VMAX135XWV2

The VMAX2-MC is the perfect ceiling projection screen that comes with numerous features. The product dimensions are 121 by 122 by 4 inches, and it weighs approximately 78 pounds.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ 135″ Diagonal Viewing Area

This unit’s viewing area measures 135″, which is ample room to accommodate a good number of audience members.

√ Matte White Surface

It features a matte white surface so that you will be given the option of varying your screen’s color.

√ 4:3 Aspect Ratio

This means that if you plan to play movies depending on this format, then they can easily be projected using this model.

√ Rugged Construction

What makes this model stand out from the rest is its rugged construction, which allows it to be mounted on a ceiling wall or dropped down for viewing purposes.

√ Quality Materials and Components

This ceiling projection screen is made of good quality materials, which are built to last long.


√ It is durable and flexible.
√ Easy installation.
√ Adds flair to your living room.
√ Produces high-quality results.
√ Reasonable enough.
√ Has a 3-year warranty.


× Some customers have complained of dented shipment.

[dt_fancy_title title=”FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs)” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

We finish off by answering some of the hard questions about the best motorized projector screen :

best automatic projector screen
[dt_quote]Q1. How is the screen tensioned?[/dt_quote]

A. The screen can be pulled out and retract manually or automatically. It works based on the pull-down gravity, which is the most reliable method to use in long term usage and it never gets stuck during the pulling up operation. The other option is to use a rack and pinion system, which is the same as automobile window rollers.

[dt_quote]Q2. How do I maintain my canvas projector screens?[/dt_quote]

A. A washable anti-glare coating is used for this product. The anti-glare coating helps protect your wall against dust, air pollutants and smudges. The surface should be clean before applying as well as after rolling up your projector screens. We recommend using water only and a soft cloth or sponge. The use of any chemicals may damage the material by altering its color, flame resistance and other properties.

[dt_quote]Q3. Can I plug my dynamic projector screen into a power outlet before mounting it?[/dt_quote]

A. It is highly recommended to install your power cord for your projector screen after securing the support brackets onto the wall or ceiling. This will prevent you from accidentally damaging the fabric by removing screws while trying to maneuver around on top of an unstable surface (e.g. floor).

[dt_quote]Q4. How can I clean the dust off my electrical components even if they are placed behind a projection screen? Is it possible to hide those ugly cords as well?[/dt_quote]

A. You do not need any additional equipment to clean the dust off your electrical components even if they are placed behind a projector screen. We recommend using a microfiber cloth made for cleaning glasses to wipe them clean of dust. To hide the ugly cords, simply use adhesive tape such as Scotch brand duct tape to cover them up. Please be advised that depending on your region, certain tapes may not be available in different local areas.

[dt_quote]Q5. How can I place my screen so that it faces exactly toward the focus spot of my projector?[/dt_quote]

A. The key is to align and level every part of the mounting surface before affixing your support brackets onto the wall or ceiling. If you have already mounted your power cord into position at least 24 inches from the center, then measure” that distance from your projector’s lens to the center of its mounting plate, and use that length as a base measurement. Since every projector has a different installation structure, please refer to your user manual for exact step by step procedures on how to get the perfect focus spot before you hang up your screen.

[dt_quote]Q6. How should I measure the projection distance?[/dt_quote]

A. To obtain accurate results when measuring the ideal projection distance, we recommend placing a smartphone or an object with similar width onto your projector’s topmost part right in front of the lens. The focal length for most projectors tends to be longer than their advertised size which will make it harder for you to view images clearly without having any rear projection materials in place. Please note that these values are meant for the best image quality. If you find it easier to look at projected images from a closer distance, and then please feel free to do so once your projector is mounted on a stable surface.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Final verdict” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

Whether you want to have some outdoor or indoor fun watching a movie or music, there is a choice for everyone. These best motorized projector screens are convenient for you and you do not have to keep setting them up manually once you install them. Grab yours today. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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