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Most likely, if not all, of you who sew have been doing it at home on kitchen or study tables for some time. As the greatest cabinets on the market, Kangaroo cabinets will be a great investment for you.

Sewing cabinets for Kangaroos may be found in droves on the web. There are so many to choose from, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed or confused. Make sure the sewing cabinet’s features, price, and size fit your needs and your house before purchasing it.

Don’t be alarmed; we’re here to assist you. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the top Kangaroo sewing cabinets. The article includes a buyer’s guide to assist you in making the proper decision for your ideal sewing cabinet.

On this list we have 5 kangaroo sewing cabinets

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Winsome Wood Halifax Storage/Organization, Black
Winsome Wood Halifax Storage/Organization, Black
Expanded multi-drawer storage; 5 Drawers plus 2-compartment cabinet; Perfect for crafts, office, college dorm, or playroom
Winsome Halifax Storage/Organization, 7 drawer, White
Winsome Halifax Storage/Organization, 7 drawer, White
Full assembly required; Constructed of solid and composite wood; 4 casters total | 2 casters with locking mechanism
Winsome Wood Halifax Cabinet, 26 H, White
Winsome Wood Halifax Cabinet, 26 H, White
3 easy-glide drawers with cut-out handles; Lower file cabinet drawer with removable metal rods

In this first segment, we review five of the best kangaroo sewing cabinets on the market as of now:


Sewing machines, fabrics, sergers, and other notions take up a lot of storage space, so where can you get one? This sewing cabinet is ideal for you: Kangaroo Wallaby II Sewing Cabinet Due to a shortage of storage, you’ll be forced to sew more and organize less.

You can fit the sewing machine on the lift while maintaining a serger or a felting machine to the left of it, making it convenient. If you want more storage space for your sewing machines, the cabinet provides it. A door tray and a spacious drawer are also included to help you keep things organized.

To keep your sewing machine, serger, and other supplies safe, close the cabinet’s doors and lock them when you’ve finished stitching. This facility protects your sewing machines, so you don’t have to worry about anything!


  • To transfer your sewing machine, the hydraulic lift has a flatbed, free-arm and storage position.
  • In order to keep huge pieces of fabric from accumulating on the floor, a quilt leaf is installed beneath the cabinet.
  • For increased security, you may install door locks.
  • Two color options are available: ash white and teak teak white


√ Construction of long-lasting materials on industrial casters for improved mobility and steadiness
√ Up to 55 lb sewing machines may fit in the lift hole.
√ It’s much more convenient when you can use it with bespoke machine inserts.
√ Modern storage space and work area to keep all of your essentials within arm’s reach.


× The cost of the sewing cabinet is on the high end.


In addition to being ideal for big tasks, this cabinet can be readily accommodated in any location where you choose to set up your sewing workplace. Even if you have a large sewing machine, the cabinet will be able to accommodate it without issue.

The Kangaroo is an ideal cabinet for consumers who do not want to be bothered with the hassle of keeping their computers. Unlike other sewing cabinets, which allow you to conceal your sewing equipment behind closed doors and leaves, this cabinet allows you to see your sewing instrument on the lifter platform.

Behind the cabinet, there is a quilt leaf that can be folded up or down, which will allow you to increase your working area. It prevents large fabrics from falling to the ground while being worked on. While the Kangaroo serves as the primary sewing cabinet, Joey is brought in to boost the overall storage capacity of the unit.

The Joey provides you with three more drawers for storing all of your sewing supplies and accessories. If you want more storage space, you may purchase additional Joey units. There are two finishes available for this unit: teak and ash white. It enhances the appearance of the cabinet.


  • Kangaroo is equipped with a three-position hydraulic lift that allows you to move your machine into free-arm, flatbed, and storage modes.
  • The knee lifter may be used because of the detachable panel.
  • There are three roomy drawers in the Joey, and it is designed to fit inside the Kangaroo cabinet.
  • Sturdiness and portability are provided by the lockable casters.


√ Structure made of heavy-duty materials to allow for optimum portability
√ Simple to maintain and put together
√ Design is quite small and can be accommodated in any workstation.
√ You may choose to have a bespoke machine insert made for your convenience.


× It is a bit more costly than the majority of sewing cabinets.


The Kangaroo II sewing cabinet is designed for folks who want to work on large sewing tasks on a regular basis. This sewing machine provides you with adequate workspace for tasks with big fabrics, such as bedcovers and blankets, and it lets you to adjust it to your preferences.

It is possible to increase the available workspace by using the dual hydraulic lift, which transforms the cabinet into a bigger work area as needed. Because of this capability, which is comprised of a gas strut system, you will get support from both sides.

You can convert your sewing machine into a flatbed, free arm, and storage position, just like the other machines on our list. Aside from that, you have the extra quilt leaf below the sewing cabinet to provide you with more support when stitching long fabrics. It also allows you to have a larger sewing area for more comfortable stitching.

That’s not all, however! You will get an extra cover for the cabinet’s left drawer, which will allow you to make the most of the unit to its maximum potential.


  • Sewing cabinet with a quilt leaf behind it and a dual hydraulic lift
  • It has a sewing machine cover that can be removed for cleaning.
  • Front panel and left drawer are both removable.
  • Custom machine inserts are available.


√ Locking casters provide a high level of stability and portability.
√ When your sewing machine is in the storage position, it is protected by a detachable cover that may be removed.
√ When dealing with oversized garments, the quilt leaf provides more room.
√ Design with ergonomics in mind for optimal comfort


× It is possible that your sewing machine may be exposed as a result of a lack of doors, which may be uncomfortable for certain users.


Are you looking for a sewing cabinet that is compact in size yet powerful in performance and storage? Then the Kiwi Storage Cabinet from Kangaroo is just what you’ve been looking for. It is one of Kangaroo’s newest products, and it has been making the rounds for quite some time owing to the size and functionality of the product.

So, what exactly is it about the Kiwi sewing cabinet that makes it so unique? It’s a multi-functional sewing cabinet that can be used for a variety of tasks including storing, cutting, and ironing. Fabrics are simple to cut and iron, and they are also inexpensive. It comes with an integrated ironing board that is totally detachable, allowing it to be used in several ways.

This sewing cabinet can be referred to as a “pocket-size powerhouse”! In addition to its many practical functions, the cabinet is distinguished by its tiny size and compact design. If you want to start sewing right away, you may simply put it in any part of your home or anywhere you’d want. It is particularly well suited to compact areas and flats.


  • A built-in ironing board that can be removed
  • One big drawer for storing the iron, two thread drawers, and one smaller drawer are all included in the price.
  • It comes with a cutting mat that measures 17 3/8′′ by 11 3/8′′.
  • It is equipped with five locking casters.


√ It is an excellent match for any area because of its modern designs.
√ It may be moved anywhere with ease because to the rigid locking casters.
√ There are four large drawers to accommodate all of your sewing supplies, including the iron.
√ It is a highly cost-effective solution for those on a tight budget.


× There is insufficient room on the top for stitching big materials.


The Emu sewing cabinet by Kangaroo is distinguished by its unusual name as well as its contemporary style. It is offered in a sleek white finish, and it will immediately brighten up any workstation or sewing studio. Place it along a wall or right in the middle of your sewing area for maximum visibility.

Its simplistic appearance and mobility make it simple to transfer it around the home and around the office. Despite the fact that it is portable, this sewing machine is fairly durable. It is capable of supporting a sewing machine weighing up to 55 pounds. The adjustable airlift can also move your device into various positions, including flatbed, free arm, and storage position.

What’s more, there is more. After you’ve finished your work for the day, close the cabinet doors, lower the leaves, and put the cover over the sewing machine so that your product is neatly hidden from view.


  • On the other side of the sewing well, there are five drawers and five adjustable shelves.
  • The sewing machine may be moved with the help of an adjustable airlift.
  • Casters with a locking mechanism
  • There are two side leaves.


√ Industrial casters are known for their exceptional durability and maneuverability.
√ Two more side leaves will allow you to increase your workspace.
√ It comes with simple to follow directions for putting it together.
√ The platform design is capable of sustaining a sewing machine weighing up to 55 pounds with ease.


× Sewing equipment cannot be stored in the cabinet since there are no partitions or adequate storage space.


We finish off by answering some of the common questions about the best kangaroo sewing cabinets:


Q1. What is a kangaroo cabinet?

A. With a 3-position hydraulic lift, an enormous worksurface for big quilting projects, and a rolling storage caddy (the Joey Storage Cabinet), Kangaroo & Joey is a trademark full-size sewing cabinet designed by Kangarao Sewing Furniture.

Q2. What exactly is a cabinet in a sewing machine?

A. Sewing machine cabinets give you with a dedicated workstation as well as a convenient method to keep notions and materials organized and readily accessible while you are working. When not in use, airlift cabinets safeguard your computer by keeping it out of sight and out of reach. Storage cabinets are a convenient method to keep thread, fabric, scissors, pins, and other sewing equipment organized and accessible.

Q3. What is a sewing machine lift, and how does it work?

A. This Sewing Machine Lift Mechanism allows you to effortlessly lower your sewing machine under the table when it is not in use and lift it just as simply when it is required. Airlift mechanisms are attached to the bottom of your table top as well as the rear of the cabinet.

Q4. What is the best way to remove a drawer that does not have a lever?

A. They will be located at the rear of the metal tracks, on both the left and right sides of the rails, respectively. Both tabs should be pressed down at the same time. Make careful you push all the way down and continue to press inward as you remove the drawer from the cabinet.

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