Kangaroo Kabinets Wallaby 2 Sewing Cabinet

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We are reviewing the Wallaby 2 sewing cabinet by Kangaroo Kabinets. While this sewing table has plenty of room to work on your projects, it is a little costly.

When folded or closed for display, this sewing table does not take up a lot of room. This model’s built-in lock comes with two keys, which is something weI like.

If you have little children who are prone to damaging your possessions, this is a must-have. As a result, We keep anything that may harm him locked away.

Kangaroo Wallaby ii Sewing Cabinet Features

Let’s take a look at what this design has to offer when it comes to ownership.

The Transformation of a Kangaroo Sewing Machine Cabinet Wallaby ii:

  • When the sewing table is folded up, you may use it as a decorative piece by placing items on it, such as a lamp, a vase of flowers, or anything else you wish to place on it for any reason.
  • The table is on wheels, allowing you to move it anywhere you choose inside your home or workspace.
  • When you are not using your sewing machine, you may store it or conceal it in the cabinet.
  • An additional drawer is situated on the left side of the cabinet for storing your accessories.
  • If you have a serger, you may keep it on top of that drawer, as well as anything else you would want to store in that location.
  • It has a built-in lock, and it comes with two keys, allowing you to securely store your sewing equipment so that no one else can access them.

Kangaroo Kabinets Wallaby ii Turned Into a Sewing Machine Table:


  • There will be plenty of room to work on your projects when it’s converted to a sewing table.
  • As a result, you won’t have to worry about the machine moving while you’re stitching.
  • You may store thread on the three shelves, which have 33 spool holders, and in the lower drawer, which is wider, you can store more of your sewing tools.
  • Three settings, such as “free arm,” “flatbed,” and “storage,” are available on the sewing table’s hydraulic lift.
  • You may extend the table’s back with a drop-leaf if you require more quilting and stitching area.
  • In order to use a serger, open the top left door of the sewing table.
  • If you have a sewing machine that weighs 55 pounds, the airlift platform can accommodate it. If you don’t know your sewing machine’s dimensions, you may not be able to get it inside the aperture.
Dimensions of the Kangaroo Kabinets Kangaroo Wallaby ii Sewing Cabinet

Approximately 42.75 inches in width, 19 inches in depth, and 30.25 inches in height are the dimensions of the sewing machine table when it is folded up and locked in place.

When the sewing machine table is open, it measures 70.62 inches in width by 59.88 inches in depth by 29.5 inches in height. When closed, it measures 70.62 inches in width by 29.5 inches in height.

The next section is very significant in determining whether or not your sewing machine will fit. The opening lift and platform of your sewing machine should not be greater than the specifications shown below for the opening lift and platform.

Make careful to take accurate measurements of your sewing machine, taking into account any knobs, plugs, or other accessories that protrude outside the body of the machine.

Keep in mind that the airlift platform can only support a maximum weight of 55 pounds, so make sure your sewing machine does not exceed that weight.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, this sewing table is also ideal for individuals who live in flats or have limited space in their homes.

So far, the overall assessment for this table has been quite positive. Some people have expressed dissatisfaction with the assembling instruction handbook.

Kangaroo Wallaby ii Sewing Cabinet Pros:
  • The product takes up less room when folded and provides a great deal of working area when open.
  • A cabinet design that is both elegant and attractive.
  • With the built-in lock, you can keep your valuable crafts or sewing equipment safe from prying eyes.
Kangaroo Wallaby ii Sewing Cabinet Cons:
  • It is rather expensive.
  • It can take a little time to bring everything together.
Arrow K8405 Wallaby Kangaroo Sewing, Cutting, Quilting,...
  • Our Wallaby II has a three position airlift that holds most sewing machines comfortably and moves effortlessly up and down in a small footprint.
  • The lifter platform adjusts easily to all heights of machines for ease of freearm and flatbed sewing and then down into storage inside the cabinet.
  • Your sewing machine will fit nicely on the lift while the space to the left of the cabinet offers room for a serger and a felting machine or even another sewing machine.
  • Three shelves feature 33 spool holders and a large drawer and door tray that will keep all your sewing accessories at hand and organized neatly.
  • Once your sewing project is complete safely conceal and secure all your sewing notions fabric and equipment by closing both doors and turning the key to lock them shut.


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