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There is a kind of long-grain Asian rice known as jasmine rice. Because it possesses a scent that is comparable to that of the jasmine flower, it got its name after that flower. Rice of this kind may be used in a variety of different cuisines, or it can be prepared and served on its own as a side dish. The majority of the world’s supply of jasmine rice comes from Thailand and Vietnam.

Rice that is excellent and fluffy may be made with little to no work by using a rice cooker to prepare jasmine rice. This method is the simplest. This method of cooking is successful because jasmine rice has an excellent ratio of water absorption to grain size, which makes it simple to prepare using just steam and heat. If you are seeking for a technique that will always result in properly cooked white rice, then there is no need to go any farther than the Rice Cooker that you already own in your kitchen.

Jasmine rice is the ideal accompaniment for a wide variety of Thai dishes, including those that use minced meat, fiery curries, or are grilled. Because of its unique texture and flavor, jasmine rice is an excellent substitute for the more common kind of white rice. In addition, unlike conventional white rice, flawless jasmine rice may be made in a rice cooker in a fraction of the time and with far less effort than is required for the preparation of white rice. In this post, I have included a detailed explanation on “How to Cook Jasmine Rice in a Rice Cooker.” The guide is broken down into many steps. Let’s have a look at how to correctly prepare your preferred kind of rice.

Preparing: How to Cook Jasmine Rice in a Rice Cooker


You’ll need the following items to cook jasmine rice in a rice cooker.

  • 2 cup Jasmine rice
  • 2.4 cup of cooking water
  • Rice cooker
  • A wood spatula

Steps on How to Cook Jasmine Rice in a Rice Cooker

Using a rice cooker makes the process of cooking jasmine rice very simple. In that it needs less work and time, you won’t have to spend as much time standing in close proximity to your gas stove. On the other hand, utilizing a rice cooker is the most effective method of cooking jasmine rice.

Cleaning the rice

After placing two cups of jasmine rice in the rice cooker, proceed to wash the rice. Fill the pot with as much clean, cold water as is necessary to ensure that the rice is submerged by at least an inch. The rice should be agitated with your hand for anywhere between three and five minutes. This will assist in removing some of the debris and starch that are adhered to the outside of the rice. Repeat the process of washing the rice until the water is almost completely clean, which should take around two to three times. However, I just cleaned my hands once per the manufacturer’s instructions. Now remove any excess water from the rice by passing it through a sieve or colander. To remove the extra water from the rice, give it a good shake.

Put the rice as well as an appropriate amount of water into the rice cooker

After the jasmine rice has been washed, it should be put into the cooking pot of the rice cooker. After that, add one cup of clean, cold water to the rice and stir it well. It is recommended that you use an equal amount of rice and water while cooking jasmine rice. However, you must keep in mind that the ratio of water to jasmine rice will almost never be exactly 1:1. It is subject to vary based on a variety of factors, including the kind of rice used, the type of rice cooker used, the amount of time spent cooking the rice, and so on.

My experience has been with Royal Umbrella Thai Jasmine Rice, and the recommended ratio of water to rice for this kind is 1:1.2. This indicates that I will need to use 1.2 cups of water for every cup of Jasmine rice that I prepare. In any case, I have prepared the Jasmine rice using 2.4 glasses of water for every 2 cups of rice.

Mix a little amount of salt

You may season the rice before it is cooked by putting a half teaspoon of salt into the rice cooker. This will allow you to season the rice before it is cooked. To ensure that the rice, water, and salt are all well combined, swirl the salt into the rice and water with a wooden spoon. Adding salt, on the other hand, is a step that is optional and may be left out if you so want.

To clarify, I did not use any salt in the cooking process.

Set the cooker

After dumping in all of the ingredients, turn the rice cooker’s setting to white rice and then push the “start” button. The preparation of Jasmine rice in a rice cooker typically takes somewhere between 20 and 25 minutes.


Do not immediately remove the cover when the rice cooker has finished beeping to indicate that the cooking cycle is finished. Allow the rice to remain in the container for at least ten minutes in order to remove any remaining moisture or liquid and prevent the rice from becoming too mushy and soggy.

Fluff the rice

When the ten minutes are up, open the lid of the rice cooker and fluff the rice using a rice spatula or rice paddle. The grains will be easier to separate after being fluffed, which will prevent them from sticking together. Make use of the rice spatula that is packaged with the rice cooker. Avoid using a metal spatula at all costs since doing so will ruin the nonstick coating that is on the inside of the pot. You may also fluff the rice with a fork, but you have to be careful not to harm the nonstick coating on the pot.

Prepare to dish and serve

Rice should be served with your preferred dish.

How to Cook Jasmine Rice in A Rice Cooker



The process of preparing Jasmine rice is almost same whether you use an instant pot, a conventional pot, or a rice cooker. Cooking jasmine rice in a rice cooker, on the other hand, eliminates stress and uncertainty while providing a pleasant experience.

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