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For than a century, Brother has been recognized as one of the most forward-thinking and reliable names in the sewing machine business. In Brother’s large and remarkable inventory, you will find anything from basic, inexpensive sewing machines to high-tech, computerized embroidery machines.

In this article, we will list and review seven of the best brother sewing machine to help you narrow down your search and discover the appropriate machine for your requirements.

Learn more about the most advanced and user-friendly machines for quilting, embroidery, stitching, and seams with our list of the 7 best brother sewing machines.

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When shopping for a brother sewing machine, it’s important to keep an eye out for a few key features. They will be significantly more intricate than a mechanical machine due to their electrical nature. Thus, there are a number of features to keep an eye out for. Let us now guide you in finding the best brother sewing machine:

the best brother sewing machine
[dt_quote]√ Lightweight

If you are just starting out in the sewing world and plan on attending lessons, you may want to invest in a lightweight machine. It will be easy to store and transport a lightweight machine in a vehicle.

[dt_quote]√ Built-in stitches

Whether you have a certain set of stitches in mind, you should check to see if they are included in the model of the sewing machine you’re considering. Some of them, like a straight stitch, a zigzag stitch, a button and a backstitch, etc., are quite essential and must be included in every single design.

[dt_quote]√ Mechanic buttonholer

Most of the items you sew will need buttons, so investing in a machine that creates buttonholes automatically is a good idea.

[dt_quote]√ Tweezers, needle threaders, etc.

Putting the thread in the Needle is challenging for anybody, but individuals with poor vision may have an extremely difficult time. A machine with an automated needle threader eliminates the need to manually insert the needle into the machine’s spool.

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In this first segment, we review seven of the best brother sewing machine for making clothes on the market as of now:


Quilters who take their craft seriously should invest in a quality sewing machine. For quilts of professional quality, the Brother PQ1500SL is an ideal choice since it has a sewing speed of 1,500 stitches per minute, a spacious extension table, and an automated needle positioner.

Although it is not the most affordable quilting machine, the Brother PQ 1500SL is much more affordable than other machines that are often regarded as must for quilters. In general, this has an impressive amount of both features and power. An adjustable pin feed mechanism, four feed dog settings for maximum fabric control, a knee lifter and bed extension table for quilting, full range foot pressure adjustment, and an automatic thread cutter with F.A.S.T. needle threader are some of the time-saving conveniences offered by the PQ1500SL. In addition, the PQ1500SL has a full range of foot pressure adjustment. In addition to all of this, it is capable of sewing up to 1500 stitches per minute.

Machine quilters who are interested in taking their efforts to the next level might consider purchasing the Brother PQ1500SL. With its built-in knee lever, simple automated functions, and lightning-fast stitching pace, this machine will let you to finish tasks in a fraction of the time it would have taken you before. Additionally, Brother provides outstanding support, which means that in the event that you do have difficulties with your machine, you will be able to get the assistance you want to resolve the problem and continue stitching.

On the current market, the Brother PQ1500SL is frequently ranked as one of the machines with the highest ratings and offers the greatest value.



The Brother CP60X Computerized Sewing Machine has earned our recommendation as the best option available due to the fact that it provides a wide range of premium features at an affordable cost.

Even though it is simple to use and inexpensive, it is a flexible sewing machine that is capable of being used by individuals with more advanced sewing abilities. However, since it is so simple to use and economical, even novices will find that it is a useful sewing machine to learn with.

Users of the computerized CP60X sewing machine have the ability to swiftly and conveniently choose from a total of sixty distinct stitches that are pre-programmed into the machine. These stitches range from the most fundamental ones used for utility to the most intricate and elaborate ornamental and heirloom stitching. We also particularly appreciated that it features seven pre-programmed buttonholes that automatically adjust to the desired size. This allows you to manufacture and mend clothing with ease.

The Brother CP60X is designed to be very simple to use thanks to an automated needle threader that works in two steps. You won’t have to go through the hassle of threading the needle on your own, which will not only save you some time but also some irritation.

When it comes to its level of durability, the CP60X lives up to the high standards that Brother has set for itself in the past. This embroidery machine is built to last for many years thanks to its sturdy metal frame and faultless workmanship. It will provide dependable service for a long time to come. It is robust enough to deal with thick materials like as denim and heavy blankets, but it is also capable of being delicate enough to operate on light textiles when that is what the situation calls for. In general, this is a high-quality sewing machine that is an ideal choice for anyone who have either advanced or beginning levels of sewing expertise.



The Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine is an additional choice that can be made by those who are interested in purchasing a specialized embroidery machine. Because it comes with such a large variety of embroidery functions, it is an excellent option for anybody who wishes to purchase a Machine just for the purpose of embroidery. Because it can function as a home for an extended period of time without presenting any difficulties, it is also an excellent option for commercial enterprises.

Therefore, the Brother PE535 is a fantastic option for those who are in the business of embroidery or who own a boutique in which they embellish products like as blouses, purses, and home décor items with embroidered patterns. The greatest feature is that it is much more affordable than other versions that are just built for embroidery purposes.

Even though the embroidered space is on the lesser side in comparison to some of the other models we covered before. It comes with an embroidered space that is 4 by 4, which is sufficient for the majority of individuals (not for all). There are 80 Embroidery designs already built in, plus you have the opportunity to import new patterns with the use of the computer interface.

You may load the design into the machine using a memory stick and the 2.0 USB port that is built-in to the Brother PE535 machine. Before you actually embroider a design, you may preview it on the embroidery machine’s color LCD screen, which is located on the front of the machine. The Automatic Needle Threader and the 9 different writing fonts are only two of its many functions.



It is strong enough to stitch through even the most difficult materials, and it comes bundled with a range of heavyweight needles for you to choose from. In point of fact, the Strong & Tough machine is able to stitch through numerous layers of denim all at once.

In spite of the fact that its robust construction is the true feature of the product, the versatility of the sewing machine makes it suitable for a broad range of various types of sewing endeavors. It has 37 built-in stitches, one of which is an auto-size buttonhole maker, so it should have no trouble finishing whatever job you give it.

The Strong & Tough, much like the CP60X, is equipped with an automated needle threader and a jam-resistant, drop-in top bobbin, making it very simple to use. Additionally, the form of the free-arm makes it simple to stitch and hem cuffs, sleeves, and even the legs of denim jeans.

You can quickly and simply change the machine to the precise specifications necessary for the present sewing job you are working on since all of the settings are controlled by uncomplicated dials and switches. It comes with a plethora of equipment already included in the box, such as six different sewing foot, a variety of needles, an instructional DVD, and much more.

Overall, for people who need a sewing machine that can be used for a variety of projects and is built to last, this is the best choice available. It is capable of working with a wide range of materials, from robust textiles suitable for use outside to supple and delicate silks.



There are design editing options and built-in instructions available on the back-lit LCD touch screen display of the Brother Designio DZ820E Series Embroidery Machine with Starter Kit and CD, which has a rating of 4.8 and comes with a starter kit. Users will be able to take their fashion design skills to the next level thanks to its 136 pre-installed embroidery patterns, 120 different frame pattern combinations, and 6 different script fonts.

The Designio DZ820E embroidery machine is without a doubt the most user-friendly and effective entry-level model currently available on the market.

This device includes everything and more that a newbie could ever need, and it even has some extras. In point of fact, it very much exceeds expectations in most areas and excels devices that cost much more money. The only thing that isn’t ideal about it is the size of the display, but I think it’s something that most of us are willing to put up with since it doesn’t really detract from how good the product is to use overall.

This is the best embroidery machine that someone with a somewhat restricted budget may afford to purchase, taking into consideration the price. The DZ820E is by far the greatest beginning embroidery machine that is now on the market, and this is due to a combination of its accessories, its high number of built-in patterns, its tutorials, and its other features.

This is the machine that should be purchased by everyone who takes embroidery seriously and has even the remotest possibility of making a living from their craft in the future. If you are searching for a machine that has everything, then the DZ820E ought to be on the top of your list of potential options.



The Brother RLX3817A is a home sewing machine that was created to be the best option for individuals who are just starting out or are working with a limited budget.

Despite the fact that it seems to be rather easy to use, this small sewing machine is really capable of doing some quite complicated stitching jobs. You should have no trouble completing fundamental sewing jobs, as well as some more difficult ones, since the sewing machine has 17 built-in stitches and a four-step auto-size buttonhole setting.

It has a flexible free arm design, which makes it simpler to work with and handle clothing that you are stitching or hemming. This makes it a great choice for home use. You won’t have to deal with the aggravation of stitches that are too loose or too puckered thanks to its top thread tension adjustment dial, which is really simple to use.

It comes with a variety of handy extras, such as an additional sewing feed, needles, as well as an instructional DVD and handbook in its original packaging. The fact that this machine is so simple to use is one of the things that impressed us the most about it. It is an excellent choice for those who are just beginning their adventures in stitching and sewing. Simply twisting a dial is all it takes to choose the stitch you want, and the instructional DVD will guide you through everything else you need to know to get the most out of your brand new machine.

Not only is it an excellent choice for those who are just starting out in the world of sewing, but due to the fact that it is lightweight, small, and portable, it is also an excellent option for those who are short on storage space, as well as those who are looking for a machine that they can bring to sewing classes with them.



The Brother HC1850 is an excellent choice for anyone who are interested in purchasing a computerized sewing machine that is capable of doing almost any job.

Users will immediately recognize that they have the ability to choose from 130 built-in sewing stitches in addition to 55 alphanumeric stitching. In addition to that, it comes with a total of eight different varieties of auto-size buttonholes. In other words, this computerized machine is capable of performing almost any sort of stitch that one could possibly imagine.

Not only do you have a large number of possibilities to choose from, but since the LCD screen has a backlight and the design of the push buttons is user-friendly, picking a specific stitch is amazingly simple and takes no more than a single second. The built-in reference flip chart and the adjustable stitching speed dial make it simple to know the stitch or setting you are using, and the dial also makes it easy to fine-tune your choices.

This sewing machine’s user-friendliness is ensured by the presence of a number of additional helpful features, including an automated threading system, a foot controller that can be detached, and a high-performance feed system. The HC1850 is very light and portable, making it an excellent alternative for individuals who do not have a sewing space of their own. It comes with a broad selection of functions and stitch possibilities, yet it is still remarkably portable.

Those individuals who would want the opportunity to handle quilting projects here and there are also going to find that this is an excellent choice, as the name implies. Quilters will find great use for the fundamental monogramming functions as well as the extensive collection of decorative stitches, as well as the extra-wide work surface that comes equipped with a built-in measuring tape.

Overall, this extremely flexible sewing and quilting machine is ideal for people who are searching for a dependable and budget-friendly machine that is capable of handling almost any job you can think of. It can sew, quilt, and even embroider, making it a great choice for individuals in this category.


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We finish off by answering some of the common questions about the best brother sewing machine:

best brother machine
[dt_quote]Q1. Do brother sewing machines have a good reputation?

A. Yes. Because they provide such a diverse selection of items, you will be able to find something suitable for any task that you need to do, whether it be quilting, sewing, or embroidering.

[dt_quote]Q2. Which Brother sewing machine is ideal for beginners?

A. Because there are a few different models that have the potential to be an excellent choice, we were motivated to write an extensive review evaluating and ranking the best Brother sewing machines for beginners. Take a look at it!

[dt_quote]Q3. Which brand of machine, Singer sewing machine or Brother, is more reliable?

A. Without a question, my brother. The Singer brand was formerly known for producing high-quality goods, but over the course of the last several decades, the company’s standards have steadily deteriorated.

[dt_quote]Q4. What is the best way to clean my brother’s sewing machine?

A. Since the sewing machines are self-lubricating, you won’t have to go to a lot of trouble to clean the various components of the machine. You just need to use a moist towel to clean the surface, and then you will be ready to go.

[dt_quote]Q5. Is Janome sewing machine superior than brother?

A. Janome products are composed of metal, making them more substantial and suitable for tasks requiring more force. The machines produced by Brother are both lighter and more portable.

[dt_quote]Q6. What is the proper way to thread my brother’s sewing machine?

A. In the beginning, you will need to remove the thread from the bobbin. They need to be looped around the thread guides, and then hooked onto the handwheel. Finally, thread the needle by passing the thread through it.

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The information in this guide covers all of the best brother sewing machine that you may ever require. If you’ve read the guide and are satisfied with the recommendations, then all that’s left to do is buy a product from the preceding section. We wish you the best of luck in maximizing your financial resources. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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