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Are you preparing for Christmas? You can never claim to prepare adequately without incorporating some artificial Christmas trees. These typically evergreen conifers indeed decorate the homes and set the right moods for the Christmas festivities. In many areas, these conifers cannot grow naturally.


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This combined with the need to protect the environment makes the artificial counterparts better options. Our guide exists to showcase six of the best artificial Christmas trees today. Then, we shall examine some of the frequently asked questions and the factors you have to consider to find the most suitable one. All these are for your appropriate guidance.

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While finding the right & best fake trees, there are a number of issues you have to consider and take care of. Below are the top factors which are absolutely vital:

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[dt_quote]√ Lifespan[/dt_quote]

At the top of the list of your concerns should be the overall lifespan of the tree you have in mind. Remember, the lifespan determines how long and frequent you may use these trees. A good tree definitely has to be strong and long-lasting indeed.

[dt_quote]√ Number of Tips[/dt_quote]

The number of tips determines how many light bulbs you may affix at any given time. This, in turn, determines the decorative power of the tree. You want one with as many tips as possible. Then again you have to ascertain just how many tips or lights you may be interested in for your use.

[dt_quote]√ Area of Use[/dt_quote]

Where exactly do you plan to use these trees? Is it outdoors, indoors, bedrooms, or living rooms? These trees are designed for use in specific parts of the home. You want to be sure that the one you use is compatible with your exact requirements or preferred locations of use.

[dt_quote]√ Decide on Lights[/dt_quote]

Just like the trees vary in shapes, species, and sizes, so do the lights. You want hence to decide on the kind of lighting you prefer. But why does this matter? The tips of each tree are designed to handle specific kinds of lights. You do not want any incompatibilities to arise.

[dt_quote]√ Consider your Space[/dt_quote]

Lastly, of course, you have to decide on your space. Of utmost importance are the availability and configuration of the area you have to set aside. This consideration is necessary to see to it that the tree fits nicely with sufficient room to spare.

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We start it out by a review of the best fake trees that be at the moment. We selected the top 06 best artificial tree for living room in amazon for your pleasure.

1. Best Choice Products 6ft Premium Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

If you are looking for a tree that is simple to make do with, this is the one to choose. It comes pre-assembled and ready to go. Then it contains well over 1,000 tips for your choice and liking.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Sturdy Metal Base
At its base sturdy metal material. This one provides the support and stability required to place the tree firmly in place all the time. It also prevents any likelihood of breakages and allows for smooth operations.

√ 6-foot Hinge
A hinge that measures 6 feet also exists. This one plays the role of conferring the necessary support to the tree. In the course of so doing, it prevents the tree from fidgeting excessively or falling off unnecessarily.


√ Its branches are easier to fluff
√ Exudes some natural appearances
√ Greatly mimics the appearance of a genuine pine tree
√ Allows for easily dismantling after use
√ Lasts longer than many other trees of its kinds


× Requires plenty of mounting space
× Difficult to keep clean after sustaining dirt
× Consumes too huge levels of power

2. Best Choice Products SKY2887 7.5ft Premium Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree

Are you the kind of a person who changes locations every quite often? You need not purchase many artificial tree if your answer to this question has been in the affirmative. Instead, find one that easily dismantles and assembles like this one.

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√ Beautiful and Festive
All factors considered, this tree is beautiful and festive indeed. It is for all practical purposes an eye-catching centerpiece. Moreover, it fits many kinds of rooms for your utmost convenience.

√ Easy Assembly and Disassembly
We have already stated that this tree assembles and disassembles easily. This is made possible by the existence of some three hinged sections. You will hence find it simpler to carry around.


√ Fits nicely in any of the tree storage bags
√ Contains branches that are easy to fluff
√ Possesses numerous tips for fixing the lights
√ Stable and sturdy enough for long-term use
√ Keeps standing in all the four seasons


× Some of its parts are too delicate
× Requires excess attention on your part
× Those who fancy not the spruce tree may find it irrelevant

3. Goplus Christmas Tree Unlit Artificial Premium Hinged Spruce Full Tree

Most people fix these trees only the living rooms. However, this ought necessarily to be the case. If you have any other room in mind, you want a tree that is suitable for them. This one fits any room in the home.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ High-quality PVC Material
The tree is made of high-quality PVC material. As we all know, this material is extremely safe and eco-friendly. It is hence unlikely to inflict any harms on you even when you breathe. This is not to mention being great for children.

√ Simple Green Color
In its entirety, the plant exhibits some simple green color. It is subsequently great to behold and enhances the décor of your interior room. Its 1,000 tips also create room for wholesome decorations.


√ Full-bodied and genuine tree
√ Sets up faster, simpler and easily
√ Pulls down easily whenever there is no longer a need for use
√ Available in three pieces of ease of set up
√ Its sturdy base provides added support


× Quite bulky to carry around with ease
× Likely to stuff your room up
× Potentially impedes the movements of your room occupants

4. Prextex 4 Feet Premium Hinged Artificial Canadian Fir Christmas Tree

Looking for a Christmas tree for long-term and repeated use? This is the one we ask that you lay your hands on. It is very durable and able to take on repeated incidences of use and applications.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Fire-retardant
The tree is highly retardant to fires. Even when subjected to the most intense heat available, it is unlikely to alter its composition and makeup. This is what in fact makes it suitable for long-term use.

√ Non-allergenic
All the materials that are used to make it up are hypoallergenic. As such, this tree is highly unlikely to inflict any respiratory illnesses or other forms of allergic reactions. This makes it perfect for ornamental hanging as well.


√ Has a distinctive and eye-catching appearance
√ Adds some elegance and décor to your room
√ Creates an illusion of a genuine Christmas tree
√ Disassembles easily for simplified transportation and storage
√ Packaged in a protected storage carton for smooth transits


× Costly to acquire and make do with
× When damages, cost a lot to restore to original stature
× Contains a limited number of tips

5. Goplus Artificial Christmas Tree Xmas Pine Tree

Are you searching for a tree to use both indoors and outdoors? This is the one that will most likely do you some good. It is versatile enough to fit and discharge the required ends in either environment of use.

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√ Plastic Feet
Standing tall among its list of most awesome features is the plastic feet. Being made of plastics, the feet are gentle and provide adequate protection to your floors.

√ High Classic PVC Tips
Some high classic PVC tips also form a vital part of this Christmas tree. They number 1,138 pieces in total. With this much number of tips, your room is likely to be filled with joy and elegance. They also mimic real-life appearance.


√ The foldable metal stand yields awesome stability
√ Simpler to store on the whole
√ Assembles in a few steps indeed
√ Adds some great feelings to any setting
√ Awesome for both indoor and outdoor environments


× Demands complex maintenance strategies
× Cannot stand fire and harsh impacts
× Its color is not so elegant as many others are

6. National Tree 6.5 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree with 650 Multicolor Lights, Hinged (DUH-65RLO)

Could it be that you are searching for a Christmas tree for commercial ends? We ask that the one you find and use is that which is strong, highly durable and able to endure the test of time.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Outstanding Features and Benefits” title_size=”h3″]

√ Awesome Construction
By all accounts, this tree exhibits some awesome construction indeed. The construction is available in some pre-strung MultiColor lights. The lights number 650 and are certified by the Underwriter’s Laboratory.

√ All-metal Hinged Construction
All the various parts and components like the branches are fitted onto an all-metal hinged construction skeleton. These are further fitted onto a sturdy tree stand which confers the support required to do a good job.


√ Highly resistant to fires
√ Non-allergenic and very safe for you
√ Sufficiently large in size
√ Packaged in a reusable storage carton
√ Available in diverse sizes, styles and color options


× Requires complex assembly
× All accessories have to be high-end
× Inflicts higher utility bills in the course of operations

[dt_fancy_title title=”FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs)” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

Let’s finish by answering a couple of the most asked questions about the best fake trees :

[dt_quote]Q. How long do artificial Christmas trees last?

A. Most last 3-5 years. Quite a few though are capable of managing a 10-year lifetime. Be sure to read through the labels carefully to know how long yours might end up lasting.

[dt_quote]Q. What is a hinged artificial tree?

A. These are trees on which the branches are permanently fixed. You cannot remove them and/or replace them. They are bulkier and cumbersome to store or move around Nonetheless, they inflict limited debris on your space.

[dt_quote]Q. How tall should your Christmas tree be?

A. This depends largely on the size of your floor-to-ceiling clearance. For the standard 8-foot ceiling, the desired height is around a 7 ½-foot tree. Vary the height appropriately in line with your space availability.

[dt_quote]Q. How many lights do you need for a 6-foot Christmas tree?

A. As a general rule, there should be no less than 100 lights for every foot-and-a-half height of the tree. You may vary this number in line with your own desired preferences. Take care though not to overstuff your tree with too many lights.

[dt_quote]Q. Is it possible to recycle artificial Christmas trees?

A. NOT really! Artificial Christmas trees are typically made of the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. This material is ordinarily difficult to recycle and stays intact for many years to come. Try donating yours to a store if you are no longer interested in it.

[dt_fancy_title title=”Final verdict” title_size=”h2″ title_color=”accent”]

Reading through our beautiful explanations and buying guide yet taking no substantial actions is definitely not a wise thing to do. Christmas may be months away but that is still no excuse. At the very least, you may start narrowing your choices to a specific one. Also, you may share the information far and wide.

Could it be that you still know not which X-mas tree may befit your case? We have helped many in the past. Kindly let us know for further guidance. It is always our joy and pleasure seeing the readers of our posts like you making meaningful progress.

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