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You probably remember the late ’90s and early 2000’s when one of the signs of your status would have been having a behemoth flat screen TV that took up a large portion of your living room wall. However, those days are long gone, and something much better has come to take its place. Enter the TV wall mount, which helps you to place your large flat screen tv upon the wall and helps free up as much space as possible. It might seem difficult installing one of these wall mounts, but once you get the hang of it, the process is not that hard at all. Consider these facts about a TV wall mount:


Full Motion TV Wall Mount , JUSTSTONE TV Bracket Fits...
  • 【UNIVERSAL TV BRACKET】Full motion TV wall mounts fit for most 26"-65" TVs including 65,60,58, 55,50,49, 48, 46, 43,42, 40, 39,32 inch TVs up to 121 lbs and VESA 100x100-600x400mm Compatible with most models of Sumsung LG SONY VIZIO SHARP HIsense SKYWORTH Toshiba PHILIPS KONKA TCL and more.Fits wood studs , brick and concrete walls(anchors included).
  • Heavy Duty & Sturdy - The strong articulating 3-arm structure with cold-rolled steel ensures reliable strength and provides you sufficient swivel angle. We are so confident in the construction, strength and durability of this wall bracket. It will keep your new TV safe.
  • 【FULL MOTION TV WALL MOUNT】 Wall mount TV bracket tilts down 15° and Tilt backward 0-3° to reduce glare and protect eyes. Swivel left or right 45° to get better viewing angle. Extends long to 16" to convenient operation back of TVs. Retract back to 2.3" from the wall to save space.
  • 【EASY INSTALLATION】 Easy to install it in 3 step less than 15 min. +/-3° Level adjustment allows adjust TVs to keep level without dismantling and reinstalling.Television wall mount bracket safety screws lock TV in place.
  • 【PRODUCT INCLUDES and CUSTOMER SUPPORT】Standard mounting hardware, 3-Axis magnetic bubble level.We are glad to answers your pre-purchase and installation questions. JUSTSTONE TV wall mount brackets includes an incredible 10 years friendly customer service!
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They come in three different varieties

When you go shopping for your wall mount you will quickly realize that a flat screen tv wall mount will have at three different categories, and you should pick the one that best suits your family’s needs. There is the flat (also known as the slim or flush), the tilt, and the full-motion (articulating) style.

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You should recognize the pros and cons of each TV Wall Mount

Each of these TV wall mount will meet your needs, but they do have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the flat mounts are great for those who want their television right at eye-level. However, one drawback to this version is that they are often too plain-jane for a few individuals.

The tilt mounts are a great asset for those who have TVs that have to be adjusted. This example often sticks out from the wall, which makes it great for those TV sets where something will have to be placed behind it. Unfortunately, one disadvantage of this version would be that it isn’t good if you have cramped space.

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Finally, the full-motion mounts are good for mounting your TV in any location that you choose. They are great for corners and they are excellent for those who want to get creative about their home interiors. Unfortunately, one drawback to this product is that you have to be careful regarding the cables, which are more likely to come unplugged or be damaged with this option.

When mounting your TV, carefully analyze your specific location

Your location will play a large part in the placement of the wall mount and your TV brackets. First of all, take a look at your TV and place it against the part of the wall where you want it. If need be, have your friend or partner look at it from a distance. After you are done measuring it, you will need to place the wall brackets in place. First, you should consider the fact that the TV hanging off your wall mount will be one foot in length, and so if you want your tv to be six feet off the floor you should subtract a foot and hang the wall mount precisely seven feet off the ground.

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Carefully examine your walls

It isn’t enough to just examine the mounts. You also need to fully understand the type of wall you’re mounting it to. First of all, you need to understand the three most common types of walls: wood stud, brick or concrete, and metal stud. Each type of wall requires a different approach. For wood stud, you will need to use wood screws or lag bolts; for metal stud you should use toggle bolts, and for a concrete or brick wall you need to use Red Head wedge anchors or Tapcon anchors.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, you are going to need to drill into the wall, so you should determine just what is located on the other side of the wall. Heaven forbid that you run your drill into electrical or water pump fixtures! However, other than that, these wall mounts will provide you with an immense of freedom to enjoy all of your TV programs without worrying about the extra space!

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The Bottom Line

This article discussed the different kinds of wall mounts for your TV. They also touched on the proper installation of these TV wall mounts, including understanding the type of wall you have and allowing for the basic design of your home as well.

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