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Though coffee travel mug is not a major purchase, it is something you will require every day in your life. Therefore, ensure you buy the best mug. It is essential, considering some factors. Besides, purchase a mug, which is useful in the process of a solar eclipse. More also, this specific article is bringing into right the main factors worth considering.


Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug 2, 12 oz, Black,...
  • LONGER LASTING BATTERY: Extended battery life on your temperature-control mug keeps your drink perfectly hot for 3 hours on a single charge – or all day on the included, redesigned charging coaster. Choose the exact temperature you prefer (between 120°F - 145°F).
  • NEW TOUCH DISPLAY: Customize your heated mug by simply tapping on the + or - symbol to increase or decrease your preferred drinking temperature. Touch the Ember logo to reveal additional Ember Travel Mug 2 features such as battery life, temperature, and mug name.
  • APP CONTROLLED: Smart mug allows you to control with your smartphone. Pair with the Ember App to set your temperature, customise presets, receive notifications and more.
  • USE WITHOUT APP: Ember Travel Mug is functional without connection to the app and will remember last used temperature. Out of the box, the Ember Mug is set to 135°F.
  • HAND WASH ONLY: An updated scratch-resistant ceramic coating is safe to hand wash. Ember Travel Mug 2 is IPX7 rated and fully submersible up to 1 meter deep.

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The use makes all kinds of thermal mugs of plastic or stainless steel. However, some mugs are made using glass or ceramic. More also, plastic cups are known for being less expensive and are also coming with their disadvantaged, Plastic are known for retaining the flavor of what has been put in them. Therefore, while using it in taking coffee, it shall end up bringing about the coffee taste. However, the problem is not present in the case of stainless coffee mugs. Therefore while looking for a traveling mug, consider investing in stainless steel made items.

The Lip or Cap

The mud lid is a necessary thing that is needing to be put into consideration. Therefore, two different types of coffee lid mugs are present, including screw-on and snap-on. Furthermore, the screw over lid is the most important one while having coffee, especially during driving or discussing a given eclipse. Besides, it will be making a better seal whereby there will few coffee chances that will end up keeping out from the space present between the mug and the lid.

The Spout

While drinking coffee from a given cup, any spot will end up working well. While having plans on drinking something such as coke or soup, the spout is very important. As a result, many of the thermal mugs are well designed for the sake of drinking coffee o any other kind of thin liquid. Therefore, they are coming in the form of both light and small spouts. Though it is highly beneficial as it assists in the reduction of pills, the people willing to have soup in their mugs will be required to be searching for more massive spouts.


The coffee mug solar eclipse you are searching for will end up depending on the coffee amount that you will be willing to have at any single time. Therefore, it may be determined with ease by taking into consideration the amount of coffee you will be needed in the process of your work. A thermal mug that is filled will end up retaining heat for a longer time rather than when compared to half-filled cups. Many of the thermal mugs have been keenly designed for the sake of traveling and coming with a base that will perfectly fit in a medium-size car cup holder. As a result, you will be using them even while driving somewhere to enjoy the solar eclipse that will end up coming ahead.

Design and Color

The other essential thing worth paying attention to is designing the color of the thermal mug that you will end up purchasing. As a result, there are various cups present in varying themes. The multiple people are looking for the traveling thermal cups for use in celebrating of the solar eclipse and getting of the multiple items of the solar eclipse.


A coffee mug that is insulated will be having a different level of material that will be holding coffee. While that is the case, there will be no loss of coffee will end up touching the outer wall of the given mug. Besides, you will also be required to have an insulated mug.

Color Options

There is a need for determining the different number of color options that you are bearing. Mugs are the best way of accessorizing, particularly in mugs that you will be carrying with you on a journey.

The Bottom Line

You now have the various Factors to Consider while Buying a Coffee Travel Mug / Coffee Cup. Therefore, there is a necessity of ensuring you are paying critical attention to the best tips, and you will end up buying the most appropriate mug for use while traveling. A traveling mug will assist you a lot in ensuring you will not be ending up being thirsty as you will have something to drink. Therefore, ensure you make your order of coffee travel mug today.

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