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Trying to find the most effective glue gun for your next DIY project?  Check out our review to make an informed decision.

In case you like arts and crafts or do any kind of home improvement projects, you will find that the best glue gun for crafts is an indispensable item. It’s a quick and easy approach to bind a wide variety of fabrics.

However, there are several manufacturers and types on the market, each claiming to be superior than the others. It might be difficult to choose which glue gun is ideal for you. Temperature, power, size, and performance are just a few of the variables to keep in mind.

You should also be aware that glue guns and sticks come in two typical sizes. The 0.44-inch diameter of the full size makes it ideal for use in bigger projects. The tiny 0.27-inch one is ideal for delicate work. Big sticks can’t be used on little firearms, and the reverse is also true.

All of this in mind, we came up with a list of the best glue gun for crafts. It’s going to be a great time!

On this list we have 7 craft glue gun reviews

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Surebonder H-195F Specialty Series 20 Watt Mini Size...
Surebonder H-195F Specialty Series 20 Watt Mini Size...
20 Watt, 120 Volts; Uses high or dual temperature glue sticks; 5/16" diameter by 4" or 10" length
AdTech 0453 2-Temp Dual Temperature Hot Glue Gun Full...
AdTech 0453 2-Temp Dual Temperature Hot Glue Gun Full...
5-Foot cord (This is not a cordless glue gun. )
Surebonder Cordless Hot Glue Gun, High Temperature,...
Surebonder Cordless Hot Glue Gun, High Temperature,...
Use Indefinitely With Cord, Or Up To 3 Minutes Without Cord; Built-In Non-Stick Glue Pad Connected To Base

Let us now guide you in finding the best glue gun for crafts:

the best glue gun for crafts

√ Models that use electricity or batteries

Glue guns may be plugged in or operated wirelessly. Corded ones may be charged by plugging them into an outlet instead of using a battery.

Wireless options provide you greater freedom of movement for those tough-to-reach spots, but at the cost of more expensive, frequent battery purchases and replacement.

√ Heat uptime

This may range from around 20 seconds to about 8 minutes, depending on the model. The less time there is to wait around, the better.

√ Variety of Nozzles

There are several nozzle designs available, such as those with a round, flat, or anti-drip tip. For large, fast projects, round nozzles are ideal since they release more glue. For precise work, nothing beats a flat one. If you want the best of all worlds, and the cleanest and tidiest solution for technical jobs, go for anti-drip.

√ Weight

There will be a noticeable decrease in strength with the increased portability that comes from making it lighter. Always, larger firearms will have greater firepower than their smaller, more portable counterparts.

√ Indicator vs Hand-Feeding

The glue sticks in manual glue guns must be pushed through by the operator. The risk of being burnt is increased by this. However, trigger feeds are hands-free and easy to operate; all the user has to do is press the trigger.

Keep in mind that the glue in a glue gun cools quickly, so you’ll need to work quickly. If you want to prevent glue from getting on unintended surfaces, place heat-resistant protection sheets beneath your workspace while it’s not in use.

√ Low Temp vs High Temp Glue Gun

When deciding between a low-temp and a high-temp glue gun, the sort of material you want to glue should be your first consideration. Adhering wood may demand a lot of hot, high-temp glue, while gluing delicate textiles like lace may require a softer, lower-temperature glue gun.

√ Dual Temp Glue Gun

Glue guns come in many shapes and sizes, hardnesses, and delicacy levels; if you’re serious about your gluing demands, you may want to consider investing in a dual-temp glue gun.


In this first segment, we review seven of the best glue gun for crafts on the market as of now:


Looking for a hot glue gun that will last a long time and perform well? Give up the search! When it comes to the best glue gun for diy projects, the Chandler glue gun is at the top of the list. Their commercial success is evidence of their products’ high quality and innovative fastening techniques. You can just grab and go!

Beautiful and well-made with high-impact plastic, this 60W big hot glue gun is sure to impress. Repairing shoes, furniture, clothing, toys, and other items around the home is a breeze with the help of this hot glue gun.

As an added bonus, you may use this in your next DIY celebration. In addition, the base stand is removable.

This outstanding freestanding function streamlines your work like never before. As a bonus, this pistol also comes with a standard wire display stand.

An insulated, drip-free nozzle is a nice bonus. There is a shield on this copper nozzle in case it is damaged. In other words, you won’t have to worry about any more burned fingertips. Surprisingly, it works with glue sticks of any size up to 7/16 inches in diameter.

This hot glue gun has also been certified as meeting the safety requirements of the UL, a North American standard for electrical equipment.

In addition, they guarantee their products for life and provide a complete refund or replacement if anything goes wrong. Should you use an unapproved glue gun, do you want to take a chance?



√ The building is of a sturdy design
√ Nozzle with a cap to prevent drips
√ Various display options are available
√ Fits glue sticks of the typical width and length (11 mm)
√ You may choose from either blue or pink!
√ Appropriate for both big and little tasks


× Very high temperature glue; not recommended for usage with youngsters


This Surebonder compact hot glue gun is ideal if you have a lot of gluing jobs but don’t want to carry along a bulky glue gun. In case you’re looking to beef up your collection of hobby tools, this glue gun is a must-have. Simply said, if you need to complete a laborious project, this glue gun is not for you.

It was made to provide you peace of mind, a positive work experience, and a risk-free environment. You’ll be glad to hear that this glue gun is 50-percent more powerful than normal glue guns.

Its accuracy makes it ideal for use in confined locations. While it comes with 20W, users praise its rapid heating capabilities and constant flow. The ergonomic grip and rubber trigger put yourself in control, without experiencing cramp on your hand.

Therefore, you may use as much force as you want without creating a massive mess. The auto shut off function on this best mini glue gun for crafts is fantastic. After 30 minutes of being idle, your glue gun will turn off automatically. And despite its little size, its insulated nozzle provides the same or greater benefits than those of much bigger units.

It seems to be of little consequence whether the glue sticks are 4 inches or 10 inches in length. The adhesive doesn’t build up on the sides thanks to the fins. Therefore, you may use this rifle for many different purposes.

There’s also a convenient retractable accessory stand, an on/off switch, and a cutting-edge safety fuse for further security. The Surebonder hot glue gun is a reliable option for basic craft tasks around the home.



√ Comes to an useable temperature in a matter of minutes
√ Overheating protection fuse is included in
√ Turns off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity
√ Nozzle insulation for consistent output
√ Holding it is a breeze
√ Comfortable lateral fins for lazing about


× Slight leak in the system
× No use in industry intended


Switching between high and low temperature glue applications is a breeze with the AdTech Dual Temp Hot Glue Gun.

AdTech’s full-size, dual-temperature glue gun may be used to quickly and securely adhere a wide variety of materials, from paper and metal to plastic and wood, fabric and ceramic, flowers and glass, foam and lace, ribbon and synthetic fabric, and more!

Advertising Technology, Second Generation, and Full Size You may use a hot glue gun for everything from household repairs to school projects. Perfect for your arts & crafts, DIY, and academic endeavors.

If you’re an avid maker, you’re better off with the full-sized version of this AdTech glue gun rather than the tiny one. This glue gun has a sleek appearance thanks to the white plastic.

For general household usage, this glue gun is excellent.



√ This glue gun is so compact that it can be stashed away almost anyplace
√ You may purchase this glue gun without worrying about whether or not you will enjoy it since it comes with a money-back guarantee


× Costly


If you need a hot glue gun, go no further than the Cobiz model. You can get some additional help from other people if you have this pistol. It completes all tasks except walking, talking, and washing the dishes.

The glue gun from Cobiz may be powered by either 60W or 100W. If you’re working on a little project, 60W will be plenty, while 100W can handle any size job. There are ten premium glue sticks included in this glue gun set.

High standards have been set for this industrial strength glue gun. This gun’s quick heating technology is primarily responsible for its widespread acclaim.

In less than 2 minutes, it will be ready to serve. That way, you won’t be slowed down and can finish your work on schedule. You may also use this weapon as a convenient tool for experimenting with your imagination.

The metal safety stand and copper nozzle certainly make it more user-friendly. The ergonomically designed grip is also a nice touch. That way, you won’t have any trouble keeping the glue from flowing where you want it to

Furthermore, it has many customizable LED lighting choices for enhancing the overall ambience. The use of a glue gun necessitates extreme caution.

This firearm, fortunately, has a built-in safety mechanism to prevent accidents caused by overheating.

To sum up, the variable temperature control is an absolute essential for those who like doing their own repairs. Glass, stone, wood, paper, lace, etc., may all be manipulated for this function.



√ Fastly becomes hot
√ The ability to fine-tune the temperature
√ Comfortable grips make it easy to use.
√ Incorporating Light-Emitting Diode
√ With the ability to turn on or off LEDs
√ Ten high-quality glue sticks
√ Hold For Safety


× Shade Unchangeable. There really really no other option.
× Constant dripping of hot glue is a problem at times


The Surebonder CL-800F is the finest battery-operated glue gun for hobbyists who use glue guns often. With an adjustable temperature range from 0 to 380 degrees Fahrenheit, this 60-watt glue gun heats up in less than five minutes.

In addition, we have evaluations of the top glues for ceramic restoration, so you can choose the finest glue for your needs. Some buyers like that it is one of the few glue guns that can be powered by a battery. The supplied stand supposedly keeps the glue gun off the ground and handy.

If you use a glue gun often and have to put it down and pick it up often, this all-in-one glue gun and stand is perfect for you.



√ Because it runs on batteries, this glue gun may be taken anywhere for on-the-go crafts and repairs
√ The accompanying stand keeps your glue gun upright and out of the way of your work, while still making it easy to grab whenever you need it


× pricey


No one, and we do mean no one, would ever use a subpar glue gun on a precious craft project. You can use a Manelord glue gun for just about any craft or DIY project around the home.

This glue gun is widely regarded as the best in its price range and category. This glue gun is great for amateurs and professionals alike.

Let’s have a look at how this glue gun was put together. High-pressure plastic was used in its construction. It has a built-in safety function that prevents damage to the glue gun even at very high temperatures.

The pistol may be securely stood on its flip-down stand holder located immediately after the nozzle.

This glue gun has an on/off power switch and LED status indicator located on the handle. Work life will be better as a result.

In spite of its convenience, this button’s location on the handle may cause some anxiety. Look into how well this glue gun works, please. This glue gun has a maximum operating temperature of 392°F and can output 100W. This glue gun only has a three-minute warm-up time.

This device has several possible applications, including usage on circuit boards, cartoons, art supplies, and other do-it-yourself projects. You may use this instrument with any substance.

It has a device to prevent the glue from dribbling out of the nozzle while it is not in use. This glue gun, however, has ten glue sticks, five black and five yellow.

Taking into account its many capabilities, the Manelord hot melt glue gun is one that I would recommend to both novice and seasoned DIYers. Having this device at your disposal will make any repair or jointing job a breeze.



√ Great for experts and amateurs alike
√ The use of the greatest possible amount of raw resources
√ Concealed nozzle for less drippage
√ A PTC heating chip that is built right in
√ Consists of a twisting foundation that includes
√ Complete with a carrying case


× It’s possible that the trigger has become stiff with usage


Do you want to buy a glue gun for both home and workplace use? Then you should get yourself a PROKleber hot melt glue gun set. This is an excellent glue gun for your artistic endeavors.

It may be used on a wide variety of materials, from plastic and wood to metal and glass, paper and even electronics.

It was expertly crafted in accordance with German quality standards. This glue gun is built to last, using high-quality metal and plastic.

You don’t have to be a master craftsman to use this, even if you’re using a high-powered glue gun. Its implementation is child’s play. Simply insert the plug and squeeze the trigger.

With 100W of power, your projects will be finished quickly and efficiently. Two to three minutes is all it takes to have it ready to go. A range of 356°F to 392°F is available for the optimal working environment. A US-standard plug adaptor is included.

Additionally, the tactile grip and well-balanced feel in the hand are two more selling points. Its ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to hold for both right- and left-handed people. Both men and women may wear this with ease.

In addition, the grip of this firearm has an on/off switch and a power indication light for further security. The metal kickstand is an added bonus that facilitates your job.

This glue gun package, on the other hand, has 12 glue sticks, three Silicone Finger Protectors, and a convenient carrying case. This bag is versatile and may be used to carry a variety of equipment.



√ Rapidly becomes hot
√ Very light and easy to hold
√ Comfortable in the hand
√ The Size of a Big Gun’s Trigger
√ Durable glue for reliable performance
√ Comfortable on/off toggle
√ Available in both blue and white


× Adhesive seeps after repeated usage


We finish off by answering some of the common questions about the best glue gun for crafts:

craft glue gun reviews

Q1. Is hot glue a good stuff for crafting?

A. The usage of hot glue guns is quite adaptable, since they may be put to use in a wide variety of endeavors, including DIY home repair projects as well as arts and crafts endeavors. It is one of the most useful items (in my opinion, it is an essential appliance) that you can get for your home.

Q2. Is hot glue permanent?

A. Absolutely. You shouldn’t have any reservations about putting it to use. When you found out that this hot glue is just as stable as epoxy glue, you were overjoyed.

Q3. What may be causing my hot glue gun to stop working?

A. A blocked nozzle is the most likely cause for your hot glue gun to cease functioning properly. If you see a poor flow coming from the nozzle in addition to some glue oozing out of the seams of the gun, then you most likely have a blocked nozzle as the cause.

Leave your gun plugged in and heating up, but do not introduce a glue stick so that the blockage may be melted. This is the easiest way to solve this problem.

Q4. What differentiates a hot glue gun from a glue gun?

A. In order to melt and apply the glue, low melt glue guns operate at temperatures of around 250 degrees Fahrenheit or less. On the other hand, hot melt guns operate at temperatures of around 385 degrees. While the majority of industrial glue guns are designed to work with hot melt glue sticks, low melt glue guns are used for working with delicate materials such as upholstery that is easily damaged.

Q5. How quickly does a hot glue gun reach working temperature after being turned on?

A. The majority of glue guns need around two minutes for this healing phase. When the trigger is pushed, you will see that the glue begins to drip out of the nozzle, which is an indication that it has reached the proper temperature.

Q6. Is it possible to use a hot glue gun on wood?

A. Yes, it is possible! Traditional jointing techniques call for the use of wood glue, which must be allowed sufficient time to cure before use. When applied to wood, hot glue from a glue gun nearly immediately solidifies into a bond. Ideal for preventing components from moving about.

Q7. Should I get a glue gun for high or low temperature glue?

A. A glue gun with a low temperature setting may be helpful in ensuring that your project does not suffer any damage during the gluing process, which is essential if you are working with fragile materials. A high-temperature gun will produce a bond that is not only strong but also more difficult to break in heavier materials such as metal, wood, polymers, ceramics, magnets, and any material that is not porous.

Q8. Is hot glue unsafe?

A. If they are used properly, hot glue sticks should not produce any hazardous fumes and they should not pose any health risks.

Since there is no evidence to indicate otherwise, it may be concluded that they are totally safe so long as they are cooked to the appropriate temperature using the appropriate instruments.

Q9. Is it possible to use a hot glue gun on paper?

A. Yes, you can! For paper crafts, though, you will need a glue gun that operates at a lower temperature.

Q10. Do you think a glue gun would work on plastic?

A. Yes, you may use. Using this glue that has been melted with hot water is an effective way to bond or harden any plastic item. Before you use the glue gun, you need to make sure the temperature is correct.

Q11. Is it possible for you to get rid of the unused glue stick?

A. No. After you have finished your project, you should not attempt to remove unused glue off the stick. It may cause your glue gun to malfunction.

It is recommended that you preserve this glue stick that has partially melted on the glue gun for your subsequent job. However, ensure that the nozzle of the pistol is well cleaned before putting it away.

Q12. Should I purchase a mini or full size glue gun?

A. Mini glue guns are ideal for wrapping presents and crafting delicate craft products like Christmas decorations because they dispense a lesser quantity of hot glue than full-size glue guns do with each push. Full-size guns discharge a bigger volume of hot glue with each press.

Final verdict

To be specific, We think the Chandler Tool Large Glue Gun is the best glue gun for arts and crafts. This glue gun is one of our top recommendations because of its sleek contemporary design and the assortment of glue sticks it comes with.

The AdTech 0453 2-Temp Dual Temperature Hot Glue Gun is perfect if you’re just looking for a simple glue gun at a low price to get you started with your arts and crafts.

No matter whatever set you choose, you’ll quickly find yourself spending countless hours on creative projects. team and our families are supported thanks to affiliate commissions that we may earn when you buy through links on our site. Read more

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