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Should you be caught out in the woods, you will want a hatchet. We say that not just because it is useful in splitting wood, but also great for other uses.


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The following are seven interesting survival tips and uses for the hatchet. Hopefully, you will see the importance of bringing this type of tool when you are out in the wilderness.

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Start a Fire

Did you know the hatchet can be used to start a fire? Hatchets are an excellent way to get sparks by hitting flint or many types of rocks. While this will likely outweigh your hate code if you stay below your worries. Being warm and keeping you from understanding hypothermia is your first concern.

Defense Weapon against the Predators

If you remain stranded in this wild, you might come over predators of all sorts. If you are always up against the bear, cougar or even wolf, you shall not dislike having a nice blade around.

A Cane

Should you be injured and in need of assistance from a broken leg or a similar wound, consider using the hatchet as a cane if the handle is long enough. If the handle isn’t long enough, then use the hatchet to make a cane with wood. In extreme cases, you may also use the hatchet to create a splint if you need to splint a bone.

Snow /Ice Cutting

If you are stranded in the snow, you can use the hatchet as a digging and cutting tool. This will save your hands from freezing, and you will have the ability to chisel out a snow cave shelter, dig a hole for a fire, etc…

Weapon for the Hunting

You can also use your hatchet for the hunting animals and also field dressing them. Must you need food out in the wild, you shall need some blade to cut the animal to get access to the meat. Although there are more natural ways to do this with a bow and arrow or other weapons, as a last resort, the hatchet can do amazing things.

Use the Metal of the Tool to Reflect Light for a Signal

You can use the metal side of the head of your tool as a reflector. If a plane or the helicopter gets by, then you may utilise reflection of the sun to signal to them.

Choose the one that suits you

Choose the tool which suits your lifestyle and personality. After all, it’s your life. Survive with the fittest. Make the right choice by purchasing the very best quality survival tools, and feel confident in doing so. But keep in mind this. Any survival tool for poor quality is a terrible choice, mainly if your life depends on it. Extra money means virtually nothing if you aren’t around to spend it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is it possible to survive with a hatchet?

When you get to your campsite, having a high-quality survival knife and a trustworthy multi-tool is important, but having a small hatchet may completely alter the game. These multi-purpose tools come in useful for a variety of tasks, including butchering animals, splitting wood, falling small trees, and removing branches.

Which is a better tool for survival: a hatchet or a knife?

The fact that a knife is not capable of penetrating wood with the same level of force as a durable hatchet is the most important drawback of opting for a knife rather than a hatchet. Although knives are lauded for their dexterity and accuracy, hatchets are admired for their sturdiness and strength. Because of this, they are the most suitable option for cutting wood and constructing shelter.

The Bottom Line

Even though hatchet is a handy tool when stranded, consider the weight of a hatchet when looking to purchase. You will need a lightweight and easy to use the tool so that you preserve calories if stranded.

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