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Questions & Answers

Online shopping has become a trend today. Well, it is not only a trend but has indeed made our lives much more comfortable. Whatever you need is just one tap away, you just have to place the order, and the item gets delivered to your doorstep. With the increase in demand, the number of e-commerce websites has increased as well. Still, there are lots of unanswered questions that we have about online shopping. Here we have answered all your queries related to online shopping and solved almost all your questions.

What is reliability when it comes to online shopping?

The big e-commerce websites have built their name over the years. Customer satisfaction and authentic service are the two principles on which most online stores function. Thousands of customers have tried these websites and have given reviews about their experience. You need not worry about the reliability of the big names unless it a newly built online site. In that case, you need to check the reviews first and then place your order.

What is the guarantee that I will receive a genuine product while ordering online?

Most of the e-commerce sites do not sell the products themselves. The inventory of these websites only has a few products in stock. For the rest, these sites tie-up with authorized sellers and resellers; who provide only genuine products to the company. Even then, there are factors to verify the authenticity like barcodes and holograms.

What If I receive the wrong product or the product is defective?

The people working in the inventory who pack your product are humans. So, it is possible that due to some reason, there can be a mistake. Although you must not worry about it; the customer support offered by most leading e-commerce sites is unparalleled. If you get the wrong product or the product is defective, you can complain about it on the site. As a token of apology, the website will send you an appropriate replacement in due course of time.

If I pay online, what is the guarantee that my product will be delivered?

Once you place an order, you get a confirmation message from the company regarding the same. If you pay online, you get a message from the payment medium and the site as well. After which, through regular updates of your order, you can trace the order. Just in case your order is not fulfilled due to unforeseen circumstances, you get a full refund as per the site’s policy.

Will I get enough options to choose from in an online store?

Yes! In fact, you will get much more variety online than you will get offline. These websites aim to cater to large audiences, so they have enough range to fulfill all their requirements. You get a broad spectrum to choose from. Let’s say you want a mobile phone, then you can choose from thousands of phones as per your preference and budget.

Why do I get more discounts on an online store than in a retail store?

The primary reason for this is the quantity. Due to the bulk quantity of the products, online stores can offer more discounts than offline retail stores. Also, the products that have the maximum discount online are not from the fresh stock. The product from older stocks that do not have many sales has massive discounts on them. As far as the latest products are concerned, you will hardly get any money slashed in the discount; instead, you will get other offers like cash back or free accessories.

Will I receive spam mail from the website if I register on it?

Most e-commerce websites have strict rules against spamming. They do not email you unless it is necessary. With most online stores, you can choose if you want to get emails from them or not, you can restrict them from mailing you as well. In that case, you will just receive emails for your order and its updates. Even if some online store spams you, the email filters it out and directs it to the spam folder of your mailbox.

I have received the wrong product but cannot return it as the company policy forbids it. What can I do in such a case?

There are many categories of items, like cosmetics and food items that have a no-return policy. You should check the return policy of the product beforehand. But if by any chance it does not happen, then you may contact the customer support team of the site. If you explain your query to the team, they may assist you and provide a replacement or refund for your product.

What if there is no defect in the product, but I still want to return it as I do not like it much?

Online shopping is much more beneficial to the customer than the seller. There are provisions to exchange, return, and even cancel the items that you have ordered. Most leading online stores provide you the option of returning the product if it does not meet your expectations. While some of the smaller sites do have this option, just that, you have to bear the shipping charges of returning the product.

Is it essential to take the premium membership of e-commerce websites?

When online shopping came into existence initially, it was the same for everyone. As it gained popularity, some of the leading sites, introduced the concept of premium membership for their online store. What it justifies is, the customers having a premium membership get some added benefits, benefits like exclusive deals on products, early access during the sale, early access to newly launched products, etc. Even if you do not have a premium membership, you can still buy the same products, only the price might differ. So, it is not essential to purchase a premium membership.

Why does an item take longer to deliver during a sale?

During a sale, at any online shopping site, there is high demand. Due to the high demand, there are more orders than usual that the company has to fulfill. The products bought during a sale are usually not returnable or exchangeable. So, avoid any blunder, and to ensure that you get the right product at your doorstep, extra care is taken. Due to this, the product takes longer than usual for delivery.

I want a product, but it is not in stock, what can I do in that case?

The online shopping sites do not have a constant flow of products. Considering the extremely high demand for the product, it can go out of stock soon. Likewise, if the product has low demand, the company may not stock it up at all. In either case, you will get an out of stock message next to the product. You can check if the product is in stock on other sites. But it is exclusively available on that site, there is an option wherein you are notified on your email when the product is back in stock. Even if that is unavailable, you can email the company with the product details to enquire about it.

How can I know if a product works well or matches the description without taking a demo or manually inspecting it?

It can be difficult for you to judge if a product fits a requirement without actually testing it. Viewing the images and reading the description may just not be enough. For this, there is a better option that you can trust. You can read the reviews of other customers about the product. People, just like you, provide unbiased reviews about the product. These reviews are given by the customers based on their experience. Most leading internet shopping stores have this feature on their website.

Do I get a warranty on products when I shop online?

The products that you buy from an online store are manufactured by some particular company. The company provides original warranty on these products. Then different sellers, resellers, and online stores sell it on their medium. So, as long as the product is an original product from the brand itself, you will get a warranty on it. To activate the warranty period and claim it, you need a valid bill for the product. So, ensure that you take a hard copy of the invoice when you buy a product.

I live in a remote area in the countryside, will the products be delivered to my doorstep?

The online shopping stores have a widespread network when it comes to delivering the products. The stores partner with logistics companies that deliver the products. These logistics companies deliver to most places, including the rarest of areas. Still, some products collect it from the seller and deliver it to you. Based on the availability and size, you may or may not get the product at your doorstep. You can enter your pin code and check the delivery details of the product.

How safe is my personal information with these online shopping stores?

The online shopping stores have a very strict policy against data privacy. The companies abide by the laws stated by the federal system to protect your data. The sites only track the necessary information like addresses, credit card information, preferences, etc. Most of which is to serve you better and make online shopping an easy and smooth operation for you. Your data is safe and remains confidential with the company itself.

Will I always get better deals on an online store than in an offline store?

The deals that you get online or offline has a lot to do with your timing. The time of the year, when you buy a product, determines whether you will get better deals online or offline. At the end of each season, the offline stores have better deals to lead up their inventory with fresh stock. In the holiday season or around the new year, you can find better deals online on account of a festive sale. But it is not true that you will always get better deals online than offline.

Are the products offered at cheap rates in an online sale authentic?

The products offered at a discounted price online have nothing to do with the authenticity of the product. All products sold by the company are authentic and genuine. The discounted products may be from the old stock that is piled up in the inventory. They may even be from the new stock whose sale is not as much. Thus, the products are authentic, they just maybe a bit outdated or less popular.

Is it safe to enter my credit card information at these online stores?

The credit information that you enter for the purchase of the product is only for the payment of the order. The sites do not store the information of your card without your consent. It asks for your permission to save the credit card for future use. It saves it so you can have a hassle-free check out in the future. Also, the site does not share your private information and keeps it confined only to your account.

I am getting an excellent deal on an online store, but I do not have any information about the site’s credibility. What shall I do?

While there are tons of reliable and trusted online shopping stores, there are equally unreliable stores as well. You may find great deals on these sites, which you will not find elsewhere. But the sources are unreliable, and most of these sites do not offer the option of Cash on Delivery. After paying online, the product may never arrive at your address. So, it is better a bit more but to order from a trusted and reliable source.

The store is reliable but does not offer Cash on Delivery, should I place an order on the sit?

Not all sites that do not offer Cash on Delivery are unreliable. The credibility of a newly started online store is questionable since they do not accept cash on delivery. The system of collecting cash on delivery is risky for an e-commerce website. If the customer cancels the order, it is a loss for the online store. The big names can afford it, but the new ones cannot. So, if you have appropriate information about the store’s credibility, then ordering from it should not be a problem.

I want to keep my orders private, is it possible?

Keeping your shopping list private and discrete is possible with offline shopping in stores. Unfortunately, this is not an option available with online shopping. Your orders remain transparent, and there is no way in which you can hide them. If you want to keep the information about your purchases discrete, you may look for some offline stores to shop from.

Can I opt for the EMI option while ordering if I do not have a credit card?

In the old days, it was essential for you to have a credit card to opt for an EMI option. Albeit, now you don’t need to have one. Many online stores have partnered with third-party companies that offer EMI options without credit cards. Some stores even provide the option of EMI on select debit cards. So, yes, you can opt for the EMI option also if you do not have a credit card.

If I order something from outside the country, will I have to pay any extra taxes or hidden charges?

When you order any product from an online shopping store anywhere in the world, the site takes your address and pin code. Based on the pin code, the store charges you the amount inclusive of everything. The shipping charges and the taxes are included in that amount. So, with most online stores, you do not have to pay any hidden fees or taxes whether you order it from your country or outside the country.

For my returned order, the refund has been initiated for a couple of days from the online store. Still, it is not reflecting in my bank account, what should I do?

Once you return the product to an online store, there are certain formalities that the company does. After the product successfully passes the quality check, the company initiates the refund to your bank account. Depending on your region and the amount, money transfers take different times. It ranges from a few hours to a few days. If it has been initiated from the store’s end, you can either check with the bank or wait till the deadline for a successful transfer. Even if then it does not reflect, contact the store’s customer service team again.

These were some of the common questions that you would have as an online shopper. Most of the shoppers ask these questions, but very few know the answers for them. Now, most of your queries would be clear, so you can enjoy shopping online without any worries!

However, the answers may not apply to many e-commerce website policies. In that case, the e-commerce website will apply to its respective policy.

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