Which Ethernet Cable Is The Most Suitable For Usage With Your Xbox Series X And S Consoles?

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What Is The Best Ethernet Cable For Xbox Series X

In every way, the Xbox Series X is the next generation of gaming consoles, and it delivers on that promise. The amount of time it takes to load a game has decreased dramatically, and download speeds have also improved. The Xbox Series X features built in WiFi, but if you want the highest download speed, you’ll need a cable connection.

ethernet cable for xbox series x

Ethernet cables are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and, it appears, colors. Various types of Ethernet cables are available in a variety of configurations. The most commonly used are CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7A, and CAT8 cabling, among others. The amount of data that can be transferred by each Ethernet cable in a given amount of time is the primary difference between the various Ethernet cables.

Ethernet Cable

Listed below are some more details about the most common Ethernet cable types:


An early Ethernet cable category. It processes and transmits data at 100 Mbps. This wire is old. It is no longer recommended for wired installations.

CableCreation 7 Feet (5-Pack) CAT 5e Ethernet Patch...
  • 【8P8C RJ45 Connector】Gold-plated connectors are resistant to oxidation and corrosion, enhance the stability of the network connection and reduce signal loss. Plug and play, perfect for all devices with RJ45 interface.
  • 【Upload & Download Speed】Comply with TIA/EIA 568B.2 standard, support Bandwidth 150MHz & Transmitting data at speeds of up to 1000 Mbps (or 1 Gigabit per second), allow you to stream HD videos, music, surf the internet, play online games at High Speed.
  • 【Upload & Download Speed】Comply with TIA/EIA 568B.2 standard,support Bandwidth 150MHz & Transmitting data at speeds of up to 1000 Mbps (or 1 Gigabit per second),allow you to stream HD videos, music, surf the internet, play online games at High Speed.
  • 【Universal Compatibility】Works well with PC, laptop, computer server, printer, router, modem, NAS, VoIP phone, PS3/PS4, Nintendo Switch, X-box, cloud data server, patch panel, hub, smart TV and more.
  • 【Warranty Guarantee】CableCreation provides 24 months product replacement warranty and lifetime friendly technical support. Whatever problem you encountered in shopping, we will help you without hesitation.


The CAT5e Ethernet cable features better upload and download rates than the CAT5 Ethernet Cable. 1 Gigabit per second transmission rates are possible using the CAT5e network.

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In comparison to the CAT5e Ethernet cable, CAT6 offers rates of up to 1000 Mbps, or gigabits per second. This wire is difficult to maneuver around the corners of a home due to its rigidity.

Cat6 Ethernet Cable, 10 ft (2 Pack) LAN, UTP (3 Meters)...
  • QUALITY CONTROL - Each Cat 6 internet cable 10 ft goes through rigorous testing to ensure a secure wired internet connection with exceptional speed and reliability.
  • PERFORMANCE - High performance Cat6 ethernet patch cables are designed with extremely well-matched components for outstanding uniform impedance and very low return loss, providing lower crosstalk, and a higher signal-to-noise ratio. They support frequencies of up to 500 MHz and are suitable for high-speed 10GBASE-T internet connection for LAN network applications such as PCs, servers, printers, routers, switch boxes, and more, while remaining fully backward compatible with your existing network.
  • CERTIFICATION - Cat6 Ethernet cable with CM grade PVC jacket complies with TIA/EIA 568-C.2, is ETL verified and RoHS compliant.
  • CONFIGURATION - The 10 feet cat 6 ethernet patch cable features 8 solid copper conductors 24 AWG. Each of the 4 unshielded twisted pairs (UTP) are separated by a PE cross insulation to isolates pairs and prevent crosstalk and covered by a 5.8mm PVC jacket with RJ45 connectors and gold-plated contacts. The molded strain relief boots help avoid snags that will damage your cables. They are molded for flexibility and resist common wear and tear.
  • SUPPORT – Ultra Clarity Cables are designed to last. If an item is defective or breaks within a year, we will issue a replacement. For questions or concerns please contact our friendly, USA-based customer support team.


This is the CAT6 Ethernet cable upgrade. It delivers double the speed of CAT6 and can offer 10-gigabit rates. This cable is also resistant to electrical noise and EM radiation.

Cable Matters 10Gbps 5-Pack Snagless Shielded Cat6A...
  • High Performance Cat6a, 26 AWG, RJ45, Shielded Ethernet Cable provides universal connectivity for LAN network components such as PCs, computer servers, printers, routers, switch boxes, network media players, NAS, VoIP phones, PoE devices, and more
  • Cat6a performance at a Cat 5e price but with higher bandwidth; SSTP/SFTP (Screened Foiled Twisted Pair) shielding can prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and reduce crosstalk noise over the Cat 6a Ethernet cable
  • A Category 6a Ethernet patch cable is also referred to as a Cat6a network cable, Cat6a cable, Cat6a Ethernet cable, or Cat 6a data/LAN cable. Future-proof your network for 10-Gigabit Ethernet (backwards compatible with any existing Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet); Meets or exceeds Category 6a performance in compliance with the TIA/EIA 568-C.2 standard
  • The shielded connectors with gold-plated contacts and strain-relief boots provide durability, and ensure a secure connection; Bare copper conductors enhance cable performance and comply with specifications for communications cables
  • Flexible and durable Cat6a cable with high bandwidth of up to 550 MHz guarantees high-speed data transfer for server applications, cloud computing, video surveillance, and online high-definition video streaming


If your gaming room is located a long distance away from your internet router, this is the cable to utilize. This cable has a transmission speed of 10 gigabits per second and may be used up to 100 meters away. The line is protected by a shield. In other words, when the cable is properly attached, it is practically difficult for electrical interference to occur. The CAT7A Ethernet cable is a more sophisticated variant of this Ethernet wire.

DanYee Cat 8 Ethernet Cable, Nylon Braided 10ft High...
  • Danyee Cat 8 Lan Cable support bandwidth up to 2000MHz & transmitting data at speeds of up to 40Gbps ,connect to LAN/WAN segments and networking gear at maximum speeds
  • Special surface braided nylon made the DanYee network cable stronger and elegant ,what's more,it is dirty-proof too.
  • RJ45 UNIVERSAL CONNECTOR -- RJ45 connectors offer universal connectivity to computers and network components, such as Wi-Fi router, modem, printer, XBox, PS2, PS3, PS4 and switch box.
  • SHIELDED FROM INTERFERENCE: Made of 4 shielded twisted pair (STP) of copper wires with two RJ45 connectors on each end. Compared to the Cat 6 network Ethernet cable, the additional shielding and improved quality in twisting of the wires provides better protection from crosstalk, noise, and interference that can degrade the signal quality
  • At DanYee's products,we can supply lifetime free customer service.


When connecting your Xbox Series X|S to a router that is many feet distant, CAT7A is not appropriate. It supports 1000MHz and 10Gb across 100 meter distances. The shielding protects it from electromagnetic interference, making it superior to the CAT7.

Sunnytech CAT7A AWG22 1500MHz, 500ft S-FTP CMR Riser,...
  • Sunnytech CAT7A, S-FTP Twisted Pair, 500ft, Solid AWG22, 1500 MHz, 10GBase-T data, bare annealed copper 0.60mm nom, Overall diameter: 8.0 mm nom. None flat cable design (performance decrease, interference increase after years)
  • CMR Type, Riser Cable, PVC coating Apply for Primary(Campus), Secondary(Riser), Tertiary(horizontal), and non-plenum area indoor use.
  • IEEE 802.3: 10Base-T; 100Base-T;1000Base-T;10GBase-T;IEEE 802.5: 16MB; ISDN;FDDI;ATM;CATV; Broadband Video; PoE/PoE+
  • Applied Standard : ISO/IEC 11801 Ed.2.2, IEC 61156-5 Ed.2.1, EN 50173-1/4; EN 50288-9-1
  • Manufacture by Digitus Germany, Germany GHMT Lab Cat7a Certified, Certified No. z4630b-17-E


CAT8 is the most recent category of Ethernet cables, and it is also the highest-rated category in terms of performance. This cable offers a remarkable 40 Gb of data transfer at lengths of up to 30 meters. This cable was designed for usage by enterprises or data centers that need the connection of a large number of devices.

Cat 8 Ethernet Cable 50 ft Shielded, Indoor&Outdoor,...
  • ✅【Ultra Internet speed】Cat8 precision twisted SFTP ethernet cable operates at a frequency of 2 GHz (2000 MHz), which enables higher bandwidth and requires shielding and is regarded as a new option for emerging 25GBASE-T and 40GBASE-T networks
  • ✅【Universal Compatibility】Cat8 patch cable is fully backward compatible with all the previous(cat5, cat5e, cat6, cat6a and cat7) RJ45 cabling and equipment. And Rj45 network cable is faster than cat5,cat5e,cat6 patch cords, you will have an better experience in using Dacrown cat 8 fast speed ethernet cord.
  • ✅【Faster Data Transmission Rate】 Dacrown UL Rated Cat 8 Cable is designed to support 25GBASE-T and 40GBASE-T applications, it is suitable for small or middle enterprise LANs, especially for data center switch-to-server interconnections.With Dacrown sturdy high speed network cable, you will not experience a lag or stop on transferring data.
  • ✅【Upgraded Structure】Constructed with gold-plated rj45 connector make it perfects and more secure for servers, TV, TV box, laptop, pc, printer, networking switch, routers, ADSL, adapters, hubs,modems, PS3, PS4, X-box, patch panels and other high performance networking applications.
  • ✅【Weatherproof & UV Resistant】Dacrown Cat8 lan cable is well constructed with pure copper core,aluminium foil shield, woven mesh shield, PVC outer cover and two gold-plate rj45 connector. With the high quality structure, Dacrown cat8 patch cable is more durable & flexible for heavy duty work. And Cat 8 solid computer internet cable is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use because of good water-resistance & anti-corrosion function.

Which ethernet cable for xbox series x

Xbox recommends that you use a CAT5e Ethernet cable to make the connection between your Xbox Series X|S and the Internet router. A CAT5e cable has the ability to transfer upto one Gigabyte of data per seconds. And it can throw all that data down 100 meters of cable without data loss. This makes CAT5e cables ideal for use in large houses or buildings. Gigabit speeds are about 1000Mbps which is fast enough for seamless gaming on your Xbox Series X|S.

A CAT5e Ethernet cable is recommended for connecting your Xbox Series X|S console to your Internet router, according to the Xbox support team. A CAT5e cable has the capability of transmitting up to one Gigabyte of data per second, depending on the configuration. And it can transmit all of that data across a distance of 100 meters without causing any data loss. As a result, CAT5e cables are well-suited for usage in large living spaces or buildings. Gigabit speeds are around 1000Mbps, which is sufficient for playing games on your Xbox Series X|S without lag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Does the Xbox Series X support the Cat 8 cable?

Absolutely! I used it for both my PS4 Pro and my Xbox, and the performance was flawless and reliable at all speeds.

Does Xbox support Cat 6 cable connections?

The first kind consists of Cat6 patch cables with 24AWG gauge. This patch connection is an excellent option for use with your Xbox One and will provide you with the performance necessary to drive the power requirements of your games.

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