Can sewing machines sew leather? Find out right here!

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Can Sewing Machines Sew Leather? Secrets Revealed!

Is it possible to stitch leather using a machine? How to stitch leather on a sewing machine without it getting too tough or frustrating will be covered in this article

Is It Possible to Use a Sewing Machine to Make Leather Garments?

Yes, it is correct! Leather may be sewn using sewing machines as well as other materials. It’s important to know how to properly sew leather briefcases so that it doesn’t stretch or fray throughout the process. Let me show you how.

Using a conventional sewing machine to stitch leather

can my sewing machine sew leather

You’ll need a specific needle if you want to stitch leather with your sewing machine. For the greatest results, use a leather needle. Use a thick needle size even if you don’t want to spend the money on a leather needle

Always avoid using any form of fabric stabilizer or interfacing while stitching leather with a typical home sewing machine unless it has been particularly made for leather. It is impossible to stitch the cloth together properly without these additional layers since it would spread out due to its rigidity and thickness rather than keep its form.

For two reasons, it is usually preferable to stitch the leather from the back side when using a home sewing machine. To begin with, this will shield the material from any unsightly scratches or rips that may occur during the threading process. Second, you won’t have puckers that may influence how flat the seams sit on top of one another if you use an all-purpose/zigzag stitch (which should be used for most seams).

These materials don’t tear as woven fabrics do, so always use pins to bind both layers together before cutting out patterns and clipping extra fabric away.

Tips for sewing leather on regular home sewing machine

can regular sewing machine sew leather
Sewing needles

In order to stitch strong fabrics like leather, you’ll need a large sewing needle. The blunt ends of these thicker needles ensure that they won’t snag on your cloth and leave holes in your design. Leather needles may also be purchased, which are needles particularly designed for working with leather.


You may need to raise the foot pedal tension if you are using zigzag stitches on a thick piece of cloth so that it doesn’t slide over while stitching. To avoid sliding during sewing, you may use an all-purpose presser foot that is built for heavier fabrics with a higher-pressure point than other feet on the market. The problem of these feet is that they don’t have many options for sewing machines.

Needle threader

It is possible to use needle threaders or tape to start the stitches so that they do not break.

Pressing and stitching leather seams together

If your sewing machine can’t handle the rigidity of leather, you’ll have to press and stitch the seams together by hand. There is a lot of labor involved, but the completed product will have no visible seam lines, making this approach worthwhile for repeat use.

Paper pattern adjustments

Because leather is more stretchy than other materials such as cloth, it is possible that a paper pattern template may need to be adjusted before being traced onto the raw piece of hide.

What kinds of leather can you sew leather with a regular sewing machine?

Some varieties of leather can be sewn using a sewing machine. We’re referring to leather that’s been both vegetable and chrome tanned. Both of these varieties may be put together using a conventional sewing machine since they are constructed in such a way that they do not stretch as much.

It is difficult to machine sew thin leathers like vinyl, suede, and nubuck, since these materials have a tendency to generate problems during stitching such as creases at joints.”

This sort of leather is made by tanning animal skins with tree bark and other natural elements (as opposed to chemicals). Because it has a rougher surface than Chrome Tanning, it has an easier time grasping a needle.

Tanned Leather: This kind is formed by tanning animal skins using chemicals and may be made from any animal skin, such as cowhide or goat hide. Sewing is more difficult with this cloth due to its lack of grain and smooth texture.

What kind of thread should I use to sew leather with my home sewing machine?

The thickness and texture of your leather will determine the sort of sewing machine thread you should use when stitching it together.

You may use standard polyester sewing thread if you want to add some flare to a bag by sewing two pieces of thin leather or vinyl together. It’s ideal to use heavy-duty needles and waxed linen threads manufactured expressly for leather crafts when dealing with thicker hides, such as cowhides that have been tanned to be used in furniture upholstery.

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